One of the most sought after residential areas in New Jersey is the Bergen County borough of Lodi. Billed as the “Neighborly community”, Lodi offers residents a comfortable, neighborly setting to live, work and raise a family. One of the ways that residents protect their homes and their neighborhoods from the damages and illnesses that pests like rodentstermites, and cockroaches pose is with a year-round pest protection plan from ChemTec Pest Control. Our experts understand the threat that pests are to the structural integrity of your home and to the health of your family. We have developed our year-round PestGuard Home Protection Plan that is not only effective at eliminating existing pest colonies, but is also effective at protecting your home from future pest invasions. Our QualityPro certified team of professionals has access to the latest tools and technologies. Additionally, we are backed by 86 years of hands-on experience in local pest pressures, and can safely and efficiently eliminate pests from your Lodi home. We have also developed comprehensive solutions for commercial propertiesthat utilize approved materials and integrated pest management protocols to meet the standards set for your specific industry. To learn more about our industry-leading, safe, and effective pest control solutions for your Lodi home or business, contact us today.

Common Pests In Lodi, NJ

Bed Bug Control Services in Lodi, NJ

One of the most common pests to invade Lodi homes and businesses is the bed bug. These resilient pests can easily travel undetected from location to location on unsuspecting hosts. Once they have gained access to your home or business, they will quickly multiply and feed on the people and pets inside. To further complicate the issue, bed bugs are experts at hiding and tucking themselves away during the daytime in very hard to reach areas, like wall voids, electrical outlets, and any other tiny cracks or crevices they can find. Bed bugs do pose a unique challenge, but it is a challenge that the bed bug experts here at ChemTec are able to meet. Not only can we completely eliminate bed bugs from your Lodi home or business, but we back up our service with our 6-month guarantee. We also offer the innovative Protect-A-Bed mattress cover and box spring cover line, which is a very effective product that is equipped with a special membrane that keeps bed bugs from biting. For those of you who would rather never deal with bed bugs in the first place, we offer our proactive year-round bed bud protection services. To learn more about our effective bed bug services, give us a call today.

Problems Cockroaches Can Cause in Lodi, NJ

Cockroaches are perhaps the insect that is the biggest threat to the health of your family. These pests frequent disgusting, germ-ridden areas, such as sewers, septic systems, landfills, and dumpsters and will then squeeze into your home and crawl across your kitchen counters, through your silverware drawers, and into your food supplies. Worst of all, during their voyage in your home, these pests leave pathogens everywhere they walk. They can carry and spread a whole host of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and protozoa and can transmit diseases such as salmonella, food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, and more. These pests are of particular concern in the commercial setting as they can cause illness in customers and employees, can damage your reputation within the community, and can even cause the health department to close your doors. The best way to prevent cockroaches from entering your Lodi home or business and potentially causing all this harm is by implementing a year-round pest protection plan for your home or business. The PestGuard Home Protection Plan from ChemTec Pest Control is an effective, safe way to keep your Lodi home safe from cockroaches and many other common pests all year long. With our customizable commercial pest control options, you can be sure that cockroaches and other pests will be kept away. We can help you meet all the safety standards set for your specific industry. To learn more about our year-round pest protection plans for your Lodi home or business, give us a call or visit our website today!

Stinging Insect Control Services in Lodi, NJ

Controlling stinging insect populations on your Lodi property can be tricky business. Some of these pests are quite aggressive and will attack for the slightest provocation. Others are social creatures that will come to the aid of a family member in need which will result in multiple stings by perhaps hundreds of insects. Still, others possess the ability to sting over and over again, inflicting multiple injections of potentially dangerous venom from a single insect. When you combine the ability to sting multiple times with the pack mentality of some stinging insects, you have an encounter that could possibly land you in the emergency room or worse. Some stinging insects are best handled at dusk, others are best eliminated at dawn, and others can be handled at any point during the day. Knowing which family of stinging insect has nested on your property is an important first step in deciding how to eliminate them. The experts here at ChemTec have experience with stinging insects and can quickly identify the species and safely eliminate the colony. If you discover stinging insects on your Lodi property, contact us today.

Wildlife Control Services in Lodi, NJ

Even here in Lodi, New Jersey, woodland creatures can encroach upon our homes and businesses and cause problems, which is why ChemTec offers Lodi residents wildlife control services. These wild animals will not only destroy gardens, lawns, and landscaping, but when they find a way into your home or business they can also cause devastating damages and transmit illness to your family, your employees, or your clientele. The safest and most effective way to remove wildlife from your Lodi property is with help from the wildlife control experts here at ChemTec. We will utilize humane traps, baits, habitat modification, and animal exclusion techniques to achieve a wildlife-free zone. We can typically respond with same or next day service. Contact us today to see how affordably we can help you remove wildlife from your Lodi home or business.

Some of our very effective animal control options include:

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