Community, diversity, and progress are three words that are commonly used to describe the New Jersey city of Linden. Linden is home to great people, a vibrant downtown, gorgeous parks, and eclectic neighborhoods. To protect the people, homes, and businesses located in Linden from the many pests that also call this flourishing community home, the pest professionals at ChemTec Pest Control offer affordable, eco-friendly, and effective pest control services. Our team of dedicated, highly trained, QualityPro-certified technicians has the ability to eliminate pest problems, big or small, from your Linden property and prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Contact us today to learn more about implementing any of our residential or commercial pest control programs into your Linden property!

Common Pest Problems In Linden, NJ

Residential Pest Control In Linden, NJ

Protect your Linden home throughout the year from pests, with the help of the professionals at ChemTec Pest Control and our environmentally responsible pest control services. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides homeowners with the year-round protection needed to keep pests away from their homes throughout the entire year. Through our PestGuard Home Protection Plan, we can protect your home from a variety of common household pests such as pavement antsfleasticks (indoors), spiderssilverfish, mice, roaches, earwigs, carpenter bees, and more. Benefits to choosing our PestGuard plan to provide year-round protection for your Linden home include:

  • Comprehensive pest control for one low price.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Customer-focused services.
  • Pest control services that change with the needs of each season.
  • Quarterly service visits, with in-between visits, if needed.
  • The ability to add on services to control for termites, carpenter ants, or bed bugs.

Problems Rodents Can Cause In Linden, NJ

Rodents can cause big problems inside any Linden structure. They can damage personal property, damage structural elements, introduce disease, create fire hazards, contaminate food, and cause unneeded stress. To tackle a rodent infestation inside your Linden property, ChemTec Pest Control offers targeted rodent control services. If you discover that rodents have found their way into your Linden home, contact ChemTec’s pest professionals immediately so we can come to your home and do the following:

  • Identify and block all entry points
  • Place baits and/or traps in suitable places
  • Remove trapped rodents and re-bait the traps
  • Work with you as a team to completely remove the rodent infestation from your home as soon as possible.

Our rodent control service can be completed on its own or as part of our year-round residential pest control plan. Call us today to learn more!

Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Linden, NJ

Get pests out of your business once and for all by partnering with New Jersey’s commercial pest control professionals. At ChemTec Pest Control, our professionals will inspect your facility and provide fast relief from current pest pressures. Then they will work closely with you to make changes around your facility and provide the necessary services to keep pests from finding their way back inside. Benefits to choosing ChemTec to provide your business with tailored pest control services include:

  • We offer periodic visits made by our Quality Control Supervisors.
  • We offer full inspection reviews before other inspecting service inspectors arrive at your facility.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee.
  • The knowledge that our state-certified and licensed technicians are continuously being trained to make sure that only the most advanced pest control techniques are being used in your facility.

To learn more about protecting your Linden business from pests with our QualityPro-rated services, give us a call today!

Guide To Termite Prevention In Linden, NJ

Preventing termites from invading your property to feed on its structural wood can be accomplished by picking up the phone and giving the termite control experts at ChemTec Pest Control a call today. We can successfully eliminate termites (and prevent their return) from any Linden property with the following options.

  • The Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™ utilizes discreet bait stations, which are placed on your property around your home’s perimeter. The eco-friendly system begins to work immediately, quickly eliminating every termite. It then remains in place to continuously monitor your property for termites and prevents a re-infestation.
  • Termidor Termite Protection. Termidor is the number-one liquid termite-control product used in the U.S. It is successful because it can easily fit the unique needs of different homes and properties.
  • Termiscope System. This system is a patented warning system that includes routine inspections from our professionals and feeding stakes that are installed around your property to provide a warning of termite activity before they have the chance to invade your Linden home.

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