Harrington Park is located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Its residents work closely together to make it a place that people are proud to call home. Harrington Park prides itself on the amount of land that has been dedicated to create beautiful parks which help to enrich the lives of all of its residents. The large numbers of parks are loved by Harrington Park residents, but they are also loved by insects, rodents, and other pests who live, breed, and feed in those same areas. Pests that will more than likely invade your Harrington Park home or business if they are not protected. The pest control professionals here at ChemTec can help to control and eliminate common New Jersey pests through our safe and effective pest control services. By working together, we can ensure that the pests living in Harrington Park won’t be living inside your home or business!

Common Pests In Harrington Park, NJ

Residential Pest Control Services in Harrington Park

To protect your Harrington Park home and family from dangerous and damaging pests, you want a company that is dedicated to the needs of its customers, and one that is dedicated to providing industry-leading pest control services. At ChemTec Pest Control, we provide all of our customers with both of those things and more. We understand how stressful pest problems in your home can be, and we will do everything that we can to solve any pest problem as quickly as possible.

We believe that the best way to protect your home and family from the wide variety of pests that live in New Jersey is to put a year-round pest control plan in place. With year-round protection, pests will not be given the opportunity to invade your home again! Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides customers with the following services:

  • Thorough inspections
  • Customer-focused pest control services that are fast, reliable, and effective
  • Season specific quarterly treatment visits
  • Preventative measures
  • Management reports
  • Our money back guarantee

Protect Your Harrington Park Business from the Damages Rats Can Cause

Rats are a common pest problem in commercial facilities; they invade warehouses, food processing facilities, restaurants, and other businesses while searching for safe shelter that is close to food and water sources. The two most common species of rats found in New Jersey are the roof rat and the Norway rat. As their name suggests, the roof rat tends to invade the upper levels of a building, while the Norway rat is mainly found on ground level floors or in basements. Despite their larger size, rats can squeeze their bodies through a hole that is only the size of a quarter; this trick is part of what makes these pests so difficult to control!

Rats inside commercial properties will chew through wires, pipes, insulation, drywall, and flooring; they will contaminate food sources and inventory with their saliva, feces, and urine. Rats introduce parasites like fleastick, and mites, along with carrying and transmitting serious bacteria and diseases including salmonella and dysentery.

To protect your commercial property, your employees, your customers, and your products from dangerous rats, our commercial pest control professionals will:

  • Identify and block entry points
  • Place baits and/or traps in appropriate places based on our extensive knowledge and experience with rodent behavior
  • Remove trapped rodents and re-bait traps
  • Work with you to rid your home of these dangerous pests as quickly as possible

Keep Mice Out of Your Harrington Park Home with ChemTec

It is generally well-known that mice can become very problematic for New Jersey homeowners in the fall when the weather cools, and they need to find a warm spot to overwinter in. However, it is important to understand that mice can get into your house anytime of the year. A mouse infestation inside your Harrington home needs to be taken seriously and eliminated quickly; mice can cause structural damage, damage personal property, and contaminate food sources and food prep areas in your home.

ChemTec professionals can quickly eliminate any size mouse infestation and provide continuous protection from mice and other pests through our year-round PestGuard Home Protection Plan. We can also quickly eliminate mice through our rodent control programwhich specifically deals with mice and other rodent infestations. Don’t live with these dangerous, unwanted houseguests for another day. Contact ChemTec today to learn more about our mouse control options.

Stinging Insect Control in Harrington Park, NJ

Stinging insects are found living throughout Harrington Park. They have the potential to be very dangerous to people, but they are also extremely important and beneficial to the environment. If stinging insects have created a nest on your property that is out of harm’s way, it is usually best to leave them alone and let them continue on with their work of pollinating crops and flowers. However, if they have built their nest in your home, on your home, or near a high traffic area on your property, it may be necessary to take measures to remove the nests.

If stinging insects have created a nest on your property that you believe needs to be removed, contact the stinging insect control experts here at ChemTec. We have the skill and experience needed to correctly identify the species (remember honey bees are protected and can’t be harmed in any way) and, if necessary, remove the nest safely from your property.

Contact us today to learn more about our stinging insect control services!

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