Located in the Gateway Region of Northeastern New Jersey you will find the urban city of Bayonne. This city is home to diverse housing, people, and businesses. At ChemTec Pest Control we have the diverse services needed to protect people, home, and businesses from the various pests that also choose to call Bayonne home. We provide the customized solutions needed to solve pest problems and to keep them from reoccurring. Whether you are trying to rid your home of antsspidersbed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, or other pests, we have an affordable and eco-friendly solution! Contact ChemTec Pest Control to learn more about which of our residential or commercial pest control programs is the right fit for your Bayonne home or business!

Common Pests In Bayonne, NJ

Residential Pest Control in Bayonne, NJ

Keep your Bayonne home free of pests throughout the entire year with the help of ChemTec’s effective pest solutions and customer-focused services. We will work together as a team to keep pests out of your home and away from your family and friends. As the seasons change throughout the year in Bayonne, so does a home’s pest control needs, at ChemTec we understand this and provide the seasonal services needed to eliminate and control pests. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides our customers with seasonal pest control services through quarterly maintenance visits and environmentally responsive services. This plan protects homes from a variety of pests including pavement ants, fleasticks (indoors), spiders, centipedesmillipedessilverfishmiceroaches, earwigs, and carpenter bees. We can also provide termite control and bed bug solutions for an additional cost, giving you the most comprehensive pest coverage available in Bayonne.

Learn How to Avoid Mosquitoes in Bayonne, NJ

Mosquitoes are a tiny pest that can be easily squished, but despite their fragile nature they are considered to be a very dangerous pest because of the potential diseases that they can spread to people. Mosquitoes and their painful itchy bites can make enjoying spending time in your own outdoor space an impossible task! Take back your Bayonne backyard from biting, disease spreading pests with help from ChemTec Pest Control. We offer very effective mosquito solutions that work to greatly reduce and prevent mosquito activity on your Bayonne property. Our mosquito control specialists will inspect your property to identify any breeding sites and areas on your property where the mosquitoes are resting. Then based on what was found a customized treatment plan is developed. For the most protection against mosquitoes, put into place one of our affordable and effective treatment packages which include the option of 3 or 5 visits. Call us today to learn more about protecting your family from New Jersey mosquitoes!

Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Bayonne, NJ

To keep pests out of your Bayonne business you need to partner with a company that doesn’t just get rid of pests, but a company that understands pests and knows how to prevent their return. At ChemTec Pest Control our professionals will inspect your facility and provide fast relief from current pest pressures; then they will work closely with you to make necessary changes around your facility and provide the services needed to keep pests from returning. In addition to effective pest control solutions, business owners choose ChemTec to take care of their pest control needs because:

  • All of our pest control technicians are state certified, licensed, and are continuously being trained.
  • Our Quality Control Supervisors will regularly visit your business to ensure that the services you are receiving are of the highest quality.
  • We are successful at providing exceptional pest control services in a wide variety of industries.
  • ChemTec offers an open line of communication with all of our commercial customers to ensure that your business’s pest control needs are always being met.

Contact us today to learn more about implementing a commercial pest control plan from ChemTec Pest Control into your Bayonne business!

How Much Damage Can Termites Do to My Bayonne, NJ Home?

termite colony can have thousands and thousands of members in it, and when most of them are eating away at the structure of your home 24/7, the damages that they cause can become quite extensive. Another reason that termites are able to cause so much damage inside a home that they are invading is that they spend their entire life either under the ground or behind your home’s walls; therefore it can take weeks, months, or sometimes even years for their presence to be noticed. At ChemTec Pest Control we can protect your New Jersey property from the inevitable damages that a termite infestation would cause through our innovative and modern termite prevention and control services. To protect properties from termites our services include a termite inspection, and if during the inspection termite activity is found, we will take immediate action. Our experts will provide you with a price estimate and service agreement. At ChemTec we highly recommend the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate problems with termites and to provide the continuous protection that is needed to stop future problems with these “silently” damaging pests. Other termite control options that we offer include:

  • Termidor Termite Protection – Termidor is the number one termite control product used in the U.S., and can fit the unique needs of different homes.
  • Termiscope System – The Termiscope system is a patented warning system that includes routine inspections from our professionals and feeding stakes that are installed on your property.

To learn more about stopping termites from causing damages inside of your Bayonne, New Jersey home, call us today!

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