Well, there is no denying that summer in New Jersey is over; and while you love and enjoy summer, for the most part, there are a few things that you are not going to miss. Like all that humidity. Remember all of those icky sticky days that made you feel as if you couldn’t even catch your breath and drained every bit of energy from your body? Yeah, you definitely won’t miss that! And how about all that traffic? You have to admit that while you enjoy the benefit of all the dollars that those tourists bring into your New Jersey town, it sure is nice to get your streets and your stores back. Sure, there is plenty of traffic here when vacationers leave, but at least we know where we are going – well, for the most part! And I bet you won’t miss all of those bugs. Mosquitoes particularly, but bees and ants and, well, the list is endless.

Yup, now that summer has ended, many of those things that bugged you are defiantly fading away, at least for a season; but did you know that there are some pests that will remain? Sure, some pests will hibernate or even die off, but some will not. Even here in New Jersey when fall turns to icy winter, there are pests that can stay active inside the walls of your home. You may wonder how that could be possible when the temperatures drop to freezing and the wind howls and the snow blows, but it is true. Pests like carpenter ants, for example, that found their way inside your home during the summer or early fall can remain active and healthy all winter long.

How is that possible? It’s really quite simple. While it is true that you generally don’t actively heat your wall voids, they do absorb heat from within your cozy home; and it is enough to keep pests like spiders, termites, and carpenter ants alive and well. While you are not likely to see termites or carpenter ants, you can see the evidence that spiders are thriving by all the cobwebs you have to sweep away throughout the fall and winter months; and it only stands to reason that if they can survive throughout the winter inside your walls that other pests can too.

Though carpenter ants do not ‘eat’ wood like termites do, they will burrow into it to form nesting sites and ‘highways’ to travel through proving to be destructive and elusive pests. It is actually possible to have a carpenter ant infestation within your home without seeing a single ant because they can almost exclusively travel within the structural wood to and from their food source. True, you do occasionally have an opportunity to see them as they forage in your kitchen or pantry, but you are not likely to see many and certainly will not see the thousands or more that are inside your walls at any given time.

Just because summer has passed does not mean that you are free from the worries of destructive pests like the carpenter ant. Be sure to keep a vigilant eye and watch for the signs that carpenter ants have invaded your home. Things like: wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it; a faint, rustling sound behind walls; wooden beams that are easily penetrated by a small knife; seeing wide, irregular, smooth galleries in wood that are free of debris; trails of sawdust beneath small holes in wood; or shed wing sets near windows, baseboards, or vents are all signs that carpenter ants are present.

If you notice any of the signs that carpenter ants leave behind indicating that you may have an infestation hidden in your wall voids, you should contact a professional pest control company immediately. Carpenter ants cause millions of dollars in damages each year across the country, most of which is not covered under homeowner policies. Here in New Jersey, thousands of your friends and neighbors have trusted ChemTec Pest Control to protect their homes and businesses from unwanted pests. We have built a reputation for honest pest control services that are effective and safe and have been standing alongside New Jersey residents in the pest control battle for more than 80 years. Our highly trained, experienced, and certified professionals know what to look for and exactly how to eliminate any pest issue you encounter, including carpenter ants.

Don’t let your guard down this fall and winter and think that you are safe from the harmful effects of unwanted pests. Protect your home year-round by partnering with the trusted team here at ChemTec for all of your pest control needs.