It is that time of year again; when bugs and rodents are going to try to make your home their “winter” home. Why? Because they don’t know your house from a hole in a log. Here are a few things you may not know about overwintering pests.

  • There are many bugs that can’t live inside your home. The food they require does not exist in there. But this doesn’t stop them from invading when the temperatures drop. And, it won’t stop them from crawling around in your curtains, perching on your light fixtures, and crawling across your flat screen in search of a meal through the fall and winter. It also won’t stop them from staining your belongings.
  • There are some bugs that can live exclusively inside your home. When they enter, they will not be inclined to leave. These bugs can feed on toaster crumbs, spilled juice under the fridge, grease on the side of the oven, trash, organic material on dirty dishes, as well as some things you would not consider to be food for bugs, like clothing, paper products, and furniture.
  • When rodents get into a home during the cold temperatures of fall, they will stay long after the winter has passed. Mice and rats prefer to dwell with us. Our homes have everything they need to live and thrive. When spring arrives next year, don’t expect these creatures to scamper back into the woods.
  • Bugs and rodents don’t look at your home in the same way you do. They are able to climb into places you can’t, and exploit holes you don’t even know are there. Some are able to fly, and see entry points that would take you a ladder to get to.

Tips To Pest Proof Your Home

  • Before bugs and rodents turn into overwintering pests, it is important to seal up any holes in your exterior walls.
  • Make sure all your outside trash is in sealed containers.
  • Make sure your vents and your chimney are covered with screening.
  • Trim tree branches back, so animals can’t use them to get to your vulnerable roofline.
  • Push wire mesh in downspouts to prevent rodents from climbing up to your roof.

Some overwintering pests are small and extremely adept at infiltrating homes. For this reason, it is often necessary to keep them out with a limited and focused application of EPA approved pesticides. These products should be applied by an educated professional.

If you live in our New Jersey service area, ChemTec can help you get ready for winter. We’ll make sure your home has a careful inspection, a protective barrier installed, and a complete report of what we find so you don’t have to wonder if your home will be safe when bugs and rodents start looking for a place to hide from winter.