When northern New Jersey home owners discover ants in their home, their typical response is to pick up a can of insect spray. This is the worst thing you can do when carpenter ants or any New Jersey ant species invade your Bergen County home. Pest control products sold at home and garden stores may kill a handful of ants but will not eliminate the problem. Worse, home treatment can create a health hazard if not correctly applied and is likely to make exterminating an ant infestation more difficult.

There are 3 problems with using do-it-yourself methods of ant control:

  1. Pest control products sold for consumer use do not have the potency of ant control products available to licensed New Jersey pest control professionals.
  2. Many home owners fail to read the application instructions on pest control products or follow directions. When applying pest control products, home owners tend to erroneously believe that applying more product than directed will produce faster results. Too often, incorrect or over-application of ant control products creates hazardous conditions that place families and pets at risk. New Jersey pest control professionals are trained and licensed to apply potent ant control products correctly to produce effective results while protecting their customers’ health and safety.
  3. Home pest control products are not formulated to eliminate the root cause of ant infestations — the nest. If the entire nest is not destroyed, the colony will continue to repopulate. Professional ant control products create a poisonous non-repellant barrier. When ants walk through the treated area, they carry the product back to their nest, eventually passing the poison to each colony member during normal grooming and feeding activities until the entire colony dies.

The next time you see an ant crawling across your kitchen floor, don’t reach for the bug spray, reach for the phone and call ChemTec.