When considering hiring a pest control firm, homeowners are usually concerned about the use of pesticides.

The simplest definition of a pesticide is a substance used to control living organisms.

Pesticides are listed in general categories:

  1. Insecticides (insect control)
  2. Rodenticides (rat and mouse poison)
  3. Herbicides (weed control)
  4. Fungicides (to control fungus growth)
  5. There are more categories, but these are the most common examples.

Every pesticide has a usage label with instructions for effective use and for safety precautions. Whether store bought or applied by professionals, following the label and use instruction is key. Every product label states that, “it is unlawful to apply this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”

Before a pest control technician is given a pesticide to use, it is common practice for the firm’s management to review the label with the service team prior to use. A copy of the label is then given to the service technician to keep on his/her vehicle to comply with Regulators and for reference before an application is completed.

With the material selected for the job, the label dictates how and where it may be applied for the target pest. Only after all safety concerns have been eliminated, the treatment begins. It is important to follow the instruction of the pest control professional regarding re-entry into the treated area to protect pets and children. In most cases pets and children can re-enter an area once the materials used have dried. Some labels however may require ventilation before re-entering the property or room.

When you are ready to hire a pest control professional who really cares about your safety and works hard to judiciously use pesticides for your protection, we invite you to call us first for professional Northern New Jersey pest control services.