With the onset of spring, we are all eager to get outside and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air.  Fixing up our lawn and garden is one thing that I enjoy doing.  Nothing can be so disheartening than to wake up one morning only to find that the lawn that you have been nurturing for so many months now has tunnels dug throughout its entirety.  Walking around and smashing the tunnels down won’t solve the problem.  Your problem is that you have moles.  These garden pests are a nuisance and can damage the finest of landscapes in a blink of an eye!

Moles live underground and dig runways to provide shelter for themselves and to search for food.  They can eat 100% of their body weight each day.  Their diet consists mainly of earthworms, grubs, beetles and insect larvae that they find in the soil.  They spend half their time looking for food, so they can cover a great distance every single day.  One day they may be in your yard, the next they may be in your neighbor’s yard, only to once again return to your yard the following day.

Once a mole has made tunnels in your yard, you will likely notice that some of your plants will begin to wilt or die.  Moles don’t intend to damage your garden, but this is usually the result of having moles.  If you see entire plants disappearing, you can’t blame the moles though.  Other animals like field mice and voles will use the mole tunnels to gain access to your precious plants and eat them from the root on up.

If you have a mole problem in Bergen County, NJ; Essex County, NJ; Hudson County, NJ; Passaic County, NJ; Morris County NJ; Union County, NJ; or Rockland County, NY call a licensed pest control specialist today!  At ChemTec Pest Control we offer effective animal control in New Jersey that is designed to help you get rid of moles, voles and other nuisance pests.