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12 December

Why You Should Worry About Mice In Your NJ Home

Mice are small pests that can cause major damage to electrical wires and other household itemsDespite their small size, mice are actually one of the most damaging and costly pests to invade homes throughout New Jersey and all across the United States and unfortunately, each fall these rodents make their way into New Jersey homes [...]

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29 September

Why a Mouse in the House is a Dangerous Guest

Cartoon mice are funny. Mice in pet shops are adorable. The mice in your child’s classroom are fascinating. BUT a mouse in the house is an entirely different matter. The Disneyfication of these tiny rodents has lulled people into underestimating the threat mice pose when they seek winter shelter in and around New Jersey homes. [...]

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17 September

Mouse Infestation Puts NJ Families at Serious Risk

In the last century, more than 10 million people have died from diseases and plagues carried by rats and mice. Most people are aware of the health risks rats pose. Historically, rats have been the vehicle for transmission of some of the Earth’s most fearsome pandemics. Rats carried the fleas that transmitted bubonic plaque, the [...]

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15 September

Fall Weather Prompts Mice to Seek Indoor Shelter

With the weather turning chilly, New Jersey home owners aren’t the only ones reaching for a toasty blanket at night. As soon as temperatures start dropping, mice begin seeking shelter from winter’s coming cold inside New Jersey homes and buildings. New Jersey mouse control experts say mice typically begin invading northern New Jersey homes in [...]

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03 September

Flood Waters Send Mice Scurrying into NJ Homes

Mice and rats are a frequent fall problem for New Jersey home owners, but flooding from hurricane Irene has exacerbated the problem in many areas, causing rodents to invade homes weeks ahead of schedule. Mice and rats typically begin to seek warm winter shelter inside New Jersey garages, attics and homes toward the end of [...]

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08 June

Experiencing The Food Chain In New Jersey Part I Of III

This story is comical mostly because it did not happen to me.  My girlfriend in New Jersey has been complaining about the fact that mice had been entering her home.  At first it did not seem too odd as springtime rain usually brought one or two mice inside.  But she soon realized there was a [...]

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