Mice are small pests that can cause major damage to electrical wires and other household items

Despite their small size, mice are actually one of the most damaging and costly pests to invade homes throughout New Jersey and all across the United States and unfortunately, each fall these rodents make their way into New Jersey homes in search of food, water and shelter for the cold winter months. Last month, we told you how a good fall cleanup could help you prevent mice from invading your home, but with the busy holiday season upon us, you may not have found the time to do so. Unfortunately, now you may be one of the unlucky ones whose home has been targeted by mice or any other small rodents, a word of caution, do not leave them unaddressed, here is why:

  • Mice are prolific breeders. One or two mice scurrying around your basement or attic may seem harmless, but in just a few short weeks, those one or two mice can become a major infestation, moving then into your living spaces.
  • Mice and other small rodents have front incisors that continuously grow. In order to keep these front teeth short, rodents must chew; electrical wires are a common spot for a gnawing mouse trying to shorten its teeth, creating the potential for fires. Other items that can be damaged by gnawing mice include internet and phone cables, storage containers, boxes, sheetrock and many other personal items.
  • Along with the unpleasant smell, mice droppings and urine can contaminate your home’s insulation in attics and crawl spaces. Also, the odor of dead mice can be spread throughout your home easily through your home’s heating ducts.

If you haven’t done so yet, before the heavy snows arrive, there is still time to conduct that outdoor fall cleanup to help prevent mice from invading your NJ home, but if you have already noticed mouse droppings or have heard the pitter-patter of mice scurrying inside your walls at night, contact the NJ pest control specialists of ChemTec Pest Control. Available in Saddle Brook, Bloomfield and throughout our New Jersey and New York service area, our effective NJ pest control services are designed to eliminate and prevent mice activity.