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31 May

Are You Ready For Stinging Insect Season?

Spring is for picnics. Spring is for camping. Spring is for golfing. If someone were to ask you what spring is for, what would your answer be? Probably something to do with being in the great outdoors. Why? Because being outdoors is great! But, that great outdoors becomes less great when stinging pests appear. Are [...]

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15 February

5 Reasons You Don’t Want Squirrels in Your Home

Many people don’t think squirrels are a problem when they are hanging outside. Aside from squirrels swinging from your bird-feeders and swiping from your garden, are they a bigger threat than they may appear? Yes, squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage inside and outside your home. Here are five reasons why you don’t [...]

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31 October

Some Things That Do NOT Work To Get Rid Of Mice

So you have mice. You've seen the evidence: little brown pellets in the back of your silverware drawer, tiny footprints in the flour that spilled on the counter, and grease marks along your baseboards. And, of course, the scratching and chewing noises you keep hearing inside your walls as you desperately try to fall asleep. [...]

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