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22 March

What You Need Know About Ticks This Summer

With the warm weather approaching, it’s important to remember the potential dangers that seasonal pests harness, most importantly ticks. We are all aware of the disease that is transmitted by ticks, Lyme disease, but where do they get it from? In NPR’s “Forbidden Forecast for Lyme Disease in the Northeast” article, it was reported by ecologists [...]

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10 May

Be Aware Of Ticks During Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Deer ticks in New Jersey do spread Lyme disease.Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness month? We’re recognizing it here a ChemTec Pest Control by reminding those of you living in New Jersey and New York to keep an eye out for the parasite that spreads Lyme disease: the deer tick.  The warm [...]

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14 May

It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Don’t Forget Tick Checks

With a thorough tick check after returning indoors, you can be sure to remove any ticks before they bite!Each year, the month of May is dedicated to raising awareness of the threat of Lyme disease. This disease is transmitted via the bite of an infected Blacklegged tick (also known as a deer tick) and unfortunately, [...]

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19 May

Biting Insects Go on Attack During Summer

With Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, just around the corner, people in northern New Jersey are spending more time outdoors. They’re mowing the lawn, sprucing up the garden, walking and biking, playing ball with the kids and manning the grill. For hungry insects that prey on humans, summer is a moveable feast.Insects bite [...]

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17 June

Ticks – Dracula In Disguise In New Jersey Part 1 Of 2

Along with the springtime showers and beautiful flowers come many unwanted pests. I particularly despise those of the blood thirsty kind, and one such pest that should be avoided is the tick.Ticks can spell big problems for New Jersey residents. They are one of the last things you want to find crawling in your home [...]

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