Along with the springtime showers and beautiful flowers come many unwanted pests. I particularly despise those of the blood thirsty kind, and one such pest that should be avoided is the tick.

Ticks can spell big problems for New Jersey residents. They are one of the last things you want to find crawling in your home or yard. These blood thirsty pests find their way to humans and pets with great ease. Besides being hard to manage, they can cause serious health risks to all that encounter them. Ticks feed only on the blood of vertebrates, making them one of the least favorite home visitors.

Deer Ticks are tiny and hard to spot. One female Deer Tick can lay over 10,000 eggs. They have a two year lifespan and can be found all year long, including during the wintertime.  They are known to carry Lyme disease. People infected with Lyme disease can become very ill with flu like symptoms. Experts agree that you should keep any tick that is attached to a family member just in case you need to have it tested for Lyme disease. Also, animals are not immune from contracting Lyme disease, so you should watch your pet very closely if you find that they have encountered a tick. My neighbor’s dog was recently diagnosed with having Lyme disease. Symptoms did not come on for about a month after the tick was removed. Their Saint Bernard almost died from the encounter with this one tick.

If you have seen any ticks in your yard in Bergen County, Passaic County, or elsewhere throughout New Jersey, contact the New Jersey pest control experts immediately.