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06 September

Fall Invaders Trying to Sneak into New Jersey Homes

Like reptiles, insects are cold-blooded. Unable to generate their own heat, insects draw warmth from their surroundings. When temperatures drop in the fall, insects use different strategies to survive winter’s cold, NJ pest control experts explain. Like monarch butterflies, some insects migrate to warmer climates. Other insects, such as termites, build their nests deep underground [...]

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16 August

Insect Pests Targeting New Jersey Homes for Invasion

Stink bugs aren’t the only fall pests that seek winter harborage inside northern New Jersey homes . NJ pest control services warn that a number of insects native to New Jersey are perennial fall invaders. These insects creep into NJ homes in the fall looking for a safe, warm place to spend the cold winter [...]

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07 October

Box Elder Bugs Require Immediate New Jersey Pest Control

Box elder bugs often gather in large groups on sunny walls of buildingsOften noticed in summer gardens because of their exotic black and red or orange coloration and the distinctive “X” formed by their overlapping wings, box elder bugs can become a serious nuisance for northern New Jersey home and business owners when fall arrives. [...]

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