Our GreenTec Home Pest Protection is the perfect way to prevent pests this fall.

It’s official: the fall pests are here! We know this by the number of phone calls we’ve been getting recently about bothersome spiders, rodents, box elder bugs, stink bugs and other fall bugs that are invading New Jersey homes. These pests know that summer is over and the cold winter months will soon be here, so they are looking to escape the weather and find a warm and cozy place to spend the winter. Spiders in NJ are looking to feed on the insect populations inside our homes while rodents need food and shelter to sustain them for the winter months. Our fall services focus on eliminating the pest populations that are present and finding ways to prevent them from returning. There are many reasons to choose year round pest control in Bergen County; here is why you should choose the home pest control services from ChemTec Pest Control.


At ChemTec, our year round pest control in NJ is called the GreenTec Home Pest Protection plan. It is guaranteed effective pest control for every season of the year, even the seasons when pests are most active, like during the fall. Our GreenTec program is an environmentally responsible plan that protects your home from a wide variety of pests while still being mindful of our effect on the environment. Here is what you can expect from our natural pest control for the home:


  • When you contact us, we will set up a time and date for your first inspection that suits your schedule.
  • When our technician comes to your home, he or she will perform a thorough inspection to identify possible pest problems (including the ones you have already recognized and any others that may not be obvious).
  • When we locate a pest problem, we will determine the most effective solution available and utilize any pest control materials responsibly to eliminate the pest and have a minimum impact on the environment.
  • We may apply a protective barrier around the perimeter of your house to reduce entry from various pests.
  • We will provide you with a pest management inspection report; this will let you know the treatments that have been performed and offer any recommendations for areas that need attention to eliminate future pest problems.
  • We offer a money back guarantee with our services; if at any point during the year you are not completely satisfied with the services we provide, we will refund your annual fee.
  • If you have an urgent pest problem between scheduled services, give us a call and we will promise service by the end of the next business day at no additional charge to you.


Our GreenTec Home Pest Protection service is something we can offer you year round and acts as effective home spider control to get rid of spiders as well as general pest control service to get rid of these other problematic pests:


  • Cockroaches (including Oriental, American, German, Brown Banded and Smoky Brown)
  • Earwigs
  • Spider mites
  • Rodents
  • Carpenter bees
  • Stinging Insects
  • Firebrats
  • Silverfish
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Pavement Ants
  • And more


If you need control of termites, carpenter ants or bed bugs, we offer those services as well!


Under the GreenTec Home Pest Protection plan, we will provide exterior treatments for the spring, summer and fall and in the winter we provide interior treatments. To begin your GreenTec Home Pest Protection plan, please give us a call today or you can contact us online. For pest control in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey, look no further than the home pest control trusted in NJ since 1931 at ChemTec Pest Control.