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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "Bees"

09 July

How to Tell Difference Between Bees and Wasps

When it comes to identifying bees and wasps, people are easily confused. Several species of bees and wasps are of similar size and share similar black/brown and yellow markings. Because of their stinging nature, when their distinctive buzzing is heard, few people take the time to notice the fine points that differentiate these two stinging [...]

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18 October

GreenTec Home Pest Protection For Fall Pest Management

Our GreenTec Home Pest Protection is the perfect way to prevent pests this fall. It’s official: the fall pests are here! We know this by the number of phone calls we’ve been getting recently about bothersome spiders, rodents, box elder bugs, stink bugs and other fall bugs that are invading New Jersey homes. These pests [...]

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20 September

Bee Attacks Kill 3; Be Careful When Doing Fall Chores

In the past two weeks, a series of vicious bee and wasp attacks have killed three people and sent more than half a dozen to the hospital in anaphylactic shock. So far, the most dangerous attacks have occurred in Florida, California and Arizona; but NJ pest control experts are warning New Jersey residents to be [...]

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02 August

What You Need to Know about NJ Bees

Insect stings from bees and wasps send more than half a million people to the hospital every year. Beneficial pollinators, bees pose a threat to New Jersey residents if they build their hives in areas people frequent. Usually docile, bees may buzz around you when you’re outdoors, particularly if you are wearing perfume or use [...]

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14 July

NJ Bee Attacks Can Be Life Threatening

While visiting a local park, a Tucson, Arizona man was attacked by hundreds of bees yesterday. “Everywhere from head to toe there was nothing but bees,” Tucson firefighter Jason Greenawalt told a television reporter in a story about the bee attack posted on When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found the victim prostrate [...]

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