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Blog Posts in the Category: "Rodents"

rodent in union county home

25 January

How Mice and Rats Get Into Union Country Attic Spaces

Keeping your Union County home protected from rodent invaders is probably not always the first thing on your mind every day. We all have jobs to do, things to take care of, and stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis, so it’s not…

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mouse on a leaf

16 November

Why Rodent Problems in Morris County Should Be Left to Professionals

No one likes the idea of rodents getting into their Morris County home, but for too many people in the area, it becomes an unpleasant reality that they have to deal with.

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rat on a wooden rail

19 October

What Higher Fall Rodent Activity Means for Essex Residents

Rodent activity increases in the fall. This can mean big problems for Essex residents. As the weather turns colder, rodents such as mice and rats begin looking for shelter which is warm and dry.

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squirrel on tree in autumn

07 September

Where Rodents Could Try to Break In This Fall

You see them running around all summer and don’t think much of it. They dash across your lawn, leap from tree to tree, maybe steal some seeds from your bird feeder. Squirrels and chipmunks are common New Jersey rodents, as are rats and mice.

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mouse searching for food

25 June

Summer Rodent Problems

While the majority of rodent infestations occur in the cold, winter months during their search for food, water, and shelter, plenty of rodent problems can occur during the summer months as well. If a rodent establishes an entry point during either…

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mouse in chatham home

31 May

Why Rodent Problems Are Common In Morris County

If you are encountering rodents in or around your Chatham or Madison home, you may be wondering why they have chosen your home to focus on. There are many factors that make certain properties more attractive to rodents than others. In this article…

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