Squirrels May Seem Innocent Enough… Until They Get Into Your Home

When they are running around your yard, and having fun, squirrels look anything but dangerous. However, when they get into our homes they can quickly cause serious problems.

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Squirrels are no big deal, right? They’re cute. They scramble around in the yard, hop along the fence, and chatter up in the trees. They stand on their back legs and chew on nuts and birdseed. What’s not to love? Squirrels are fun. However, this kind of thinking is the biggest reason squirrels are such a serious threat to our homes. Those squirrels are just too adorable and we don’t view them for the threat they are, though we probably should. Let’s explore this problem.


Before you ask. Yes, adorability is a real word, and it does a really good job of describing squirrels. Well, at least most squirrels. There are some squirrels that can look quite mangy but as a general rule, squirrels are adorable. This makes us want to have them around. If they looked as unappealing as snakes, spiders, and cockroaches, we’d probably work harder to keep them away from our homes.


Most of the time, squirrels are harmless. This is especially true of squirrels we have befriended in our backyards with copious amounts of peanuts. So we don’t really have a lot to fear. It isn’t like we have a black bear living in our yard. It’s just a little cute rodent. But squirrels are wild animals and, as such, they have the potential to be dangerous. Do an internet search for the words “squirrel attack” sometime if you don’t believe that these cute, fluffy little animals can be harmful. You may be shocked at what you find.


Most of us don’t think squirrels can or will get into our homes. There are many reasons for this line of thinking. It might be that we’ve never had a squirrel infestation and just don’t think those squirrels can breach our defenses. It might be that we don’t know anyone who’s ever had a squirrel infestation. Whatever the reasons might be, it is important to understand that squirrels are uniquely gifted with an ability to climb and an ability to gnaw through wood and other building materials. Given the right conditions, they are more than able to get into a home. Trust us, we’ve treated a large number of homes dealing with squirrel infestations. But you may be wondering, what are the conditions that allow squirrels to invade our homes?


Squirrels prefer to enter homes through higher locations. If you have tree branches that pass over your roof, they will provide squirrels with easy access to your home and increase the chance of an infestation.


Squirrels are more likely to enter a home that has a roofline that passes over another roof as they like the safety of these shaded nooks. But, they’re more than capable of chewing through your eaves and soffits right out in the open as well. If they need to get in, they will.

Take Away

What can we learn from the points listed above? Squirrels may be adorable and seem harmless, but they’re wild animals that can get into your home if given the opportunity. When they do, here are some reasons you’ll want to get them out as soon as possible:

  • Squirrels damage insulation and building materials as well as a variety of other items to build their nests when they find their way inside.
  • Squirrels leave their feces and urine everywhere they go. This can create a horrible odor in your home and even cause you or your family members to become ill.
  • Squirrels can carry ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and other parasites in with them when they invade.
  • Squirrels make bumping, thumping, and scraping noises when they explore attic spaces and wall voids, which can get quite annoying after a while and disturb your sleep.

Be Careful

Squirrels can become aggressive, especially if they are protecting their young. If you accidentally go near a location where they’ve created a nest, you’re going to find out real quick how harmful squirrels are. It is always best to have an animal-control specialist take care of your squirrel problem. Professionals use humane trapping methods to remove these animals without harm to the animals and without harm to you and your family.

Who Should You Call?

When an animal has gotten into the house, many homeowners contact local government agencies, but these agencies rarely deal with a wildlife-control issue. Their role is usually to enforce leash laws and handle domestic pet issues. For wildlife control, you need to contact a pest control company that has an animal-control department.

At ChemTec Pest Control, we provide animal-control services for the Bergen and Passaic County areas, as well as several other counties and communities in the surrounding area. If you live in New York or New Jersey, click here to find out if you’re in our service area. We’ll help you get unwanted animals out and keep them out! For more information or to schedule service, start right here.

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