Located in Bergen County, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey once was a rural farming town. Today, it is a thriving community made up of old and new homes, excellent schools systems and plenty of sports, entertainment and recreation for the whole family. Unfortunately, this picture perfect town is also susceptible to pest problems. Bats, squirrels and other wildlife as well as insects and rodents find this suburban community appealing and do not hesitate to intrude. The good news is, family owned, ChemTec Pest Control is nearby and ready to help property owners in Upper Saddle River. In fact, our local pest control company has your back when it comes to pests and has for 85 years. Founded in 1931, ChemTec is who New Jersey residents turn to for safe and effective pest control services.

Pest Problems Happening Right Now In Upper Saddle River, NJ

Get Rid of Squirrels and Other Wildlife

Maybe you enjoy watching squirrels scramble across the branches in your backyard or get a kick out of the cute family of raccoons that wander by. It’s one thing to appreciate wildlife in their own environment, quite another to find your home has been targeted by them. Not only do these creatures make a mess with their droppings, urine and nesting sites, they also cause damage to structures. Wild animals are capable of chewing on wires, tearing up insulation, and contaminating homes and commercial spaces. Worse, some wildlife in New Jersey carry with them pathogens that cause ill-health and may have mites, ticks, and fleas aboard their bodies that could be transferred inside. If you’re dealing with wildlife in your home or business, it’s not a good idea to attempt to remove critters on your own. When threatened or cornered, wildlife can be, well, wild. ChemTec’s wildlife removal specialists are always ready to help property owners in Upper Saddle River get rid of squirrels in the attic and other wildlife that have invaded homes, businesses and yards. Our extensive training and advanced equipment ensure that we safely and humanely remove wildlife from your property. We also have the products to safely clean up the germs and messes that they have left behind. And we don’t stop there. We will look for what drew those creatures onto your property in the first place, identify how they got in and make sure they can’t get back inside.

Bed Bug Extermination in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Even here in Upper Saddle River we have to struggle with bed bugs. These elusive and tricky little hitchhiking creatures seem to show up wherever and whenever they please. All it takes to begin an infestation of bed bugs is for a few bed bugs or their eggs to hitch a ride home with you. It’s that simple. Once inside your home these creatures begin their ‘game’ of hide n’ seek – and they usually win! That is, without the help of a trained professional pest control company. If you’re waking up with bed bug bites, have noticed bugs on your sheets or the mattress or identified other signs of bed bugs, contact ChemTec Pest Control for effective bed bug control in Upper Saddle River. Our highly trained, QualityPro certified technicians will patiently and systematically eradicate these bugs delivering you from the stress and emotional upset that these biting bugs cause.

How to Tell If You Have Termites

Subterranean termites are another (often hidden) threat to homes and businesses in Upper Saddle River. Sneaky insects, they enter your home unnoticed and eat away at the support and structural beams and other building materials and items made of wood in your home without stopping. Sadlyd this damage can continue for long periods of time without being noticed. They are often only discovered after they have caused extensive and costly damages or you happen witness a termite swarm in your living room. In order to identify termite infestations sooner than later, New Jersey residents should be on the lookout for:

  • Swarms of ‘flying ants’ especially in the spring or on warm days after a rain. These could be ants but could also be the termites that reproduce.
  • Check your window sills for shell casings or wings that have been discarded after flight.
  • Search along your foundation for ‘mud tubes’ that run from the ground up the side of the cement. Pay particular attention to areas of your foundation that are hidden by branches or bushes.
  • Investigate basement and other areas periodically for wood that appears crushed or looks blistered.

If you notice the signs of termites or have actually seen termites on your property give ChemTec a call. Our trained and certified pest control specialists will be able to tell you if termite damage is old or new, if there are signs of current termite activity or identify what is causing the damage. Our NJ pest control pros Authorized Operators of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This ingenious technology offers bait that termites find absolutely irresistible. They carry it back to their colonies and share it with all of their ‘friends’, including the queen. Although this bait is deadly to termites, it is harmless to pets and people. And, to install this effective termite control system, there is no drilling, trenching, or digging required. These discreet baiting stations that are strategically placed around your property are not even noticeable to your visiting friends and family members. It is the most effective and discreet method of termite control on the market today. When ChemTec is on the job, termites aren’t. Learn more about our termite control in Upper Saddle River.

How to Get Rid Of Bats in the Attic

Bats are very beneficial in the wild mostly because they eat insects. When they invade your Upper Saddle River home or business they become dangerous. While not every bat carries rabies, it is important to note that these creatures are transmitters of rabies. Their droppings can also release fungus spores that are responsible for histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal respiratory disease in humans. Removal of bats from your ‘belfry’ or other part of your home or business is a job best left up to the bat control experts here at ChemTec. Our team will not only humanely remove bats from your property* and clean up the mess left behind, but they will also use Integrated Pest Management strategies to seal out these creatures and keep them out for good. For professional bat control and exclusion in Upper Saddle River and elsewhere in Bergen County, give us a call.

*By New Jersey state law, treatment for bats can only be completed between May 15th and July 31st.

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