Tenafly, a borough, located within Bergin County is most known as a residential community, offering its residents quiet, close-knit neighborhoods.  The residents of Tenafly enjoy all that it has to offer in its quiet tree-lined streets, parks, diverse housing opportunities, and excellent schools.  With the help of the professionals at ChemTec, Tenafly residents also enjoy pest-free homes!  No matter what pests may present themselves (bed bugstermitesantsbox elder bugsspidersmice) in a Tenafly home, ChemTec has fast, safe effective solutions to ensure that pests are eliminated and that they are deterred from ever re-entering.

Pest Problems Happening Right Now In Tenafly, NJ

Tenafly Bed Bug Treatments

Ridding any Tenafly home of bed bugs is our top priority. Here at ChemTec we understand how much stress a bed bug infestation can place on a household and we are committed to eliminating them as safely and quickly as possible.

We control bed bugs through (generally 3) effective treatments. Multiple treatments help us to find and completely eradicate all of these small parasitic pests that are hiding in the cracks and crevices of your home. Our specially trained bed bug technicians will work tirelessly to treat your entire home including all of the mattresses and box springs.

As an added benefit we offer a 6-month bed bug guarantee that begins on the date of the first treatment. This guarantee states that if bed bugs come back after the third treatment we will return and our technicians will complete a targeted treatment of the infested area of your home to get rid of the bed bugs at no additional cost to you.

Termite Control In Tenafly, New Jersey

Termites are a serious problem that requires serious intervention. Subterranean termites, the species of termite most common in our area, create a nest underground and then as they forage for food, and accidentally infest homes. Once inside they usually decide to stay to permeate and feed on structural wood, causing costly damages to ceilings, flooring, and walls. Because these destructive insects live underground, travel underground, and penetrate the inside of wood it can take weeks or many months to notice an infestation.

The best way to stop a termite infestation in its tracks is to schedule a termite inspection. A thorough termite inspection by one of our trained professionals here at ChemTec will help to determine if termites have violated your Tenafly property and if so what course of action should be taken!

Here at ChemTec, we have several services available to control and eliminate any termite infestation found in any Tenafly home. The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is a continuous, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly way to control termites through the use of bait stations. Another effective treatment option is using Termidor, which is the number one termite control product used in the U.S. Our ChemTec Pest Control termite professionals are officially certified to safely use and apply this product. We can also install the Termiscope system which is a patented warning system that includes routine inspections from our professionals and the installation of feeding stakes.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service specialists here at ChemTec Pest Control to schedule a termite inspection for your Tenafly home today!

Home Pest Control In Tenafly NJ

There are many common household pests that either accidentally or deliberately choose to forage for food, water, and shelter in Tenafly homes. Ants, spiders, centipedesmillipedessilverfish, mice, roaches, and earwigs are some of the most common home invaders. The best way to protect your home and family from the damages and diseases that these pests and many others can inflict upon your home is to put into place a year-round pest control plan.

Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides responsive, customer-focused home pest control services to protect your home throughout all the seasons. Through this plan, we provide quarterly visits from our friendly, trained, knowledgeable and experienced technicians to eliminate and control a variety of common household insects and rodents from your Tenafly home. The PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides our customers with quality inspection services, the implementation of control and preventative measures, detailed reports, free emergency response, and our money-back guarantee!

The Tenafly NJ Pest Control Experts

When choosing ChemTec Pest Control to help protect your home, you are choosing a local company that knows the state of New Jersey and the local pests that live in it. If you are looking for industry-leading pest control services, a company with experience and longevity (over 80 years in business), along with great customer service you have come to the right place! At ChemTec we work around your schedule (not the other way around), provide industry leading pest control services, same day service, and guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

More than 5,500 New Jersey homeowners have come to rely on ChemTec Pest Control for all their pest control needs. Not only do we get rid of the pests in a safe, effective and environmentally sound manner, but we help to protect families and homes from the dangers that they may present. To become part of the ChemTec family, call us today to speak to one of our friendly and helpful experts today!

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