Teaneck, New Jersey, is a great place to make your home; it is culturally diverse, has a thriving business community, offers great parks and is just an awesome place to live with your family. However, like any other community, it is also home to a variety of household and other pests including mosquitoes, termites, and ticks. All of these pests are both a nuisance and a danger to you and your family and steps should be taken to control them in and around your home. Even though pests may be bad news, the good news is that living in Teaneck means that the professionals at ChemTec Pest Control are able to help you control pests that are causing you and your family problems! We have been serving New Jersey communities since 1931. We understand the needs of our local customers and can very effectively treat and control common New Jersey pests.

Common Pest Problems In Teaneck, NJ

Home Pest Control in Teaneck, NJ

Controlling household pests is very important to the health and safety of your family and the structure of your home. Common pests that invade homes found in Teaneck include antsspiderssilverfishbox elder bugsmice, and more. Problems with pests can cause food within your home to be contaminated, the structural elements of your home to be damaged, and add stress to your already hectic life.

The best way to handle any pest problem, big or small, is to contact a professional. At ChemTec, our professionals have the training, products, knowledge, and experience needed to get rid of and to control household pests. Our year-round pest control services developed with New Jersey homeowners in mind provide regular inspections, quarterly treatment visits, inspection reports, our money-back guarantee, and our free emergency response services.

For more information about controlling pest in your Teaneck home through our year-round PestGuard Home Protection Plan and/or to learn more about our natural pest control options, call us right away!

Teaneck, New Jersey, Termite Control

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is to hear the words “your home has termites”; but with the right team on your side, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to deal with at all.  At ChemTec, our termite control program always starts with a thorough inspection. Our highly trained professionals will look for termites, termite signs, and termite damages. If termite activity is found during the inspection, we will immediately present you with an estimate and service agreement; quick response and treatment is the key to success in eliminating termites from your home and limiting their damages.

Our termite control services can include using the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. The Sentricon system is environmentally friendly, non-invasive, and remains in place to provide continuous monitoring to prevent future problems with termites. Another option is for us to provide effective termite control through the use of Termidor. This product is very flexible in its application, meaning that it will work well almost anywhere. Termidor is the number one termite control product used in the United States, and our technicians are officially certified to apply this product.

We also have available a warning system that can be installed in your Teaneck property. The Termiscope system is a patented warning system that includes routine inspections from our professionals and feeding stakes that are installed around your property. A pop-up alert will occur if termites are present. This alert allows for treatment to begin as soon as possible!

Mosquito & Tick Control in Teaneck, New Jersey

Mosquitoes and ticks are two pests that need to be managed on your Teaneck property. Not only because they are very annoying, but because they carry and transmit some very serious diseases including Lyme disease, the West Nile virus, and the Zika virus. In order to reduce the numbers of these parasitic pests on your property, we offer the following mosquito and tick control options.

Our one-time treatment option can help to limit the number of mosquitoes found on your property before hosting a large outdoor event. It’s perfect for that one-time fix. Our on-going treatment includes the option of either 3 or 5 visits during mosquito and tick season. Treatment includes an inspection to determine where the breeding and resting spots are on your property and the application of product to those areas – shrubs, grass lines, trees, and underneath porches and decks.

Serving Teaneck & Bergen County

Choosing ChemTec Pest Control means that you are choosing a company that understands the specific needs of homes and properties located in Bergen Country. Our employees are local, know local pest issues and know how to get rid of them. We pride ourselves in treating all of our customers like they are part of our extended family. ChemTec Pest Control only offers environmentally-friendly, industry-leading, safe and effective pest control services. We are a full-service company and have treatments available for any pest problem that may pop up in and around your Teaneck home.

In addition to home pest control services, natural pest control service options, termites services, and mosquito and tick abatement services we offer the following:

For more information about any of our pest or lawn care services for your Teaneck property give us a call today!

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