Those who live here in Parsippany enjoy the perfect blend of comfortable residential neighborhoods, successful industrial complexes, and inviting shopping venues that it has to offer. When you combine those with the many parks, entertainment venues, and beautiful Lake Parsippany, you have the combination for one of the most desired places in New Jersey to live and work and play. In fact, Money Magazine ranked Parsippany 5th in their “Best places to live in the United States” category in 2016. It is a distinction that residents here are very proud of! For many, protecting this way of life by protecting their families, their homes, and their businesses here in Parsippany from the harmful and damaging effects of pests is trusted to the experts at ChemTec Pest Control. Our industry-leading pest control solutions can eliminate existing pest pressures and defend against future invasions, and we can help you to put exclusion methods in place to discourage future issues. To learn more about the effective year-round pest control solutions offered by ChemTec Pest Control for your Parsippany home or business, contact us today.

Common Pests In Parsippany, NJ

Residential Pest Control Services in Parsippany, NJ

The homes here in Parsippany are beautiful, and many have discovered that our comfortable neighborhoods and the sense of community that is experienced here make Parsippany the perfect place to live. Protecting our homes from the damaging effects of pests and our families from the illnesses that they transmit is a top priority. Many homeowners here have turned to the trusted team of professionals here at ChemTec Pest Control for their year-round pest protection plan.

Whether you are dealing with termitesmosquitoesticksfleascockroachesbed bugs, or any other pest, you can trust the services that ChemTec offers. Our PestGuard home protection plan offers residents reliable, affordable, and effective pest control solutions. We utilize tried-and-true products and procedures and have access to the latest technologies and protocols and will use any tool at our disposal to ensure the safety of your home and family. Don’t allow pests to threaten your Parsippany home when expert pest control with our PestGuard home protection plan is just a call away.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inspection Services – An initial inspection to identify existing pest pressures and regular inspections thereafter to identify new threats.
  • Preventative Measures – Exterior and interior treatments applied as necessary.
  • Management Reports – Our reports will outline our findings, point out areas around your home that are drawing pests in, provide information to limit pest activity in your home, and outline treatments applied.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Your annual fee will be refunded if you are not completely satisfied with your services.
  • Free Emergency Response – If emergencies arise, we promise to respond by the end of the next business day at no extra charge to you.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Parsippany, NJ

If you are looking for reliable, affordable pest control services for your Parsippany, New Jersey, commercial property, look no further than ChemTec Pest Control. ChemTec Pest Control has been offering effective pest protection services to New Jersey businesses for more than 85 years. With a focus on customer satisfaction and complete pest elimination, we specialize in personalized pest control solutions for industries of all sizes. Our commercial pest control technicians are state certified and licensed and undergo extensive and ongoing training to ensure that you receive the most innovative and efficient pest protection possible, and our Quality Control Supervisors perform periodic inspections to ensure that you are ready for any official inspections and audits. To learn more about our comprehensive, cost-effective year-round pest protection plans for your Parsippany industry, contact us today.

We have successfully assisted these, and many other, industries in becoming pest-free:

  • Neighborhood Small Businesses
  • Education
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Retail/Supermarkets
  • Foodservice
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Buildings
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Warehousing

Lawn Care Services Available in Parsippany, NJ

Why would a pest control company offer expert lawn care services? Well, it’s really quite simple. Most pest pressures begin outside – on or in your yard! By keeping your lawn healthy, lush, and beautiful we not only protect it from disease and improve the appearance of your home making it the envy of the neighborhood, but we actually help to reduce colonies of invasive pests that may threaten the structural integrity of your home or the health of your family. ChemTec Pest Control has developed our All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program and our Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program that includes weed and insect control to meet the needs of your Parsippany property. Both programs are eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly solutions that will keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy while deterring pests from invading. Our lawn care solutions include fertilization, weed control, insect control, shrub care, and much more. To see which of our turf programs is right for your Parsippany home, contact us today.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in Parsippany, NJ

Bed bug infestations are becoming more and more common in cities across the country each year, and incidences here in Parsippany are on the rise as well. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this pest, this trend is likely to continue. Bed bugs can easily travel undetected from place to place on an unsuspecting host making it possible to encounter them each time you leave your home, especially in a city like Parsippany that receives countless visitors from around the world each year. If bed bugs decide to choose your Parsippany home or business, be sure to contact the bed bug experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. Our bed bug treatments, which includes an average of three treatments, ensure that all stages of bed bug are completely eliminated for active infestations. Plus, we can sell Protect-A-Bed mattress covers and box spring covers to keep your bed safe from these tenacious pests. To learn more about our fast, effective, discreet bed bug services for Parsippany homes and businesses, contact us today.

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