The township of Montclair, New Jersey, takes its name from the French words mont clair meaning “clear or bright mountain” – most likely named such because of its location at the foot of the Watchung Mountains. With its rich history, inviting neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, exquisite shopping destinations, elegant eateries, and close proximity to New York City, Montclair is a wonderful place to call home. However, Montclair has its challenges including finding ways to keep unwanted pests such as rodentsantscockroaches and termitesfrom damaging homes and spreading diseases; but Montclair is not alone in meeting this challenge. Many home and business owners here have experienced the successful services of ChemTec Pest Control. We have been working to keep homes and businesses pest-free since 1931. That is over 80 years of efficient and effective pest control success. Join the thousands that have already experienced the ChemTec difference in their homes and businesses by giving us a call today.

Common Pests In Montclair, NJ

Get Rid of Ants, Roaches, and Spiders in Montclair, NJ

There is no question that the homes here in Montclair have to be protected from unwanted pests; the only question is where to turn? Many families have chosen to partner with ChemTec Pest Control to protect their homes from the disease and damage that pests can cause. Our home protection service takes into account the season specific pests that try to invade homes here in Montclair; and, yes, pests invade in winter too. With our PestGuard Home Protection plan, you can experience the year-round peace of mind that comes with year-round protection from an industry leading company. You can expect comprehensive inspections, treatment, management reports, and emergency response services with PestGuard, as well as our money back guarantee. It is the perfect solution for your Montclair pest concerns.

Some of the pests that are covered under this plan include:

You can also add termite control, carpenter ant control, or bed bug services for an additional fee.
Other residential services we offer include: lawn care servicesmosquito and tick control, rodent control, and organic pest control.

Wildlife Removal in Montclair, New Jersey

Yes, Montclair is a city. Yes, it is in close proximity to New York City; but that doesn’t mean that wild animals do not dwell here. As natural habitats disappear, wildlife will encroach upon cities and towns searching for food, water, and shelter; and Montclair has its fair share of trouble from these woodland creatures. The thing about wild animals is that they are just that – wild! True they can be adorable, but when cornered or threatened the fangs and the claws will come out. For safe, effective, and humane removal of wildlife from your Montclair home, call the trusted wildlife specialists here at ChemTec Pest Control. We will answer your call with quality, industry-leading protocols and procedures to ensure that your home is free from wildlife quickly and efficiently. And we can typically offer same or next day service. When wildlife decides to invade your Montclair property, give us a call today.

Montclair, NJ, Termite Control

No matter how you look at it, termites are trouble. These pests are elusive and secretly attack the foundational support structures within your home. They will silently eat away at your sills, beams, and framing; often remaining undetected for years causing significant and costly damages. When you partner with ChemTec Pest Control for termite monitoring and elimination services, you can know that you are receiving the best possible protection that the industry has to offer. We utilize several termite control methods depending on the specific property, extent of infestation and species of termite: we are authorized operators of the very effective Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, and we utilize Termidor termiticides and insecticides and the Termiscope System for termite monitoring. Protect your Montclair home from the damages of termites with the trusted termite specialists here at ChemTec.

Choose ChemTec for All Your Montclair Pest Control Needs

Why should you choose ChemTec for your Montclair pest control needs? Well, that is simple. Our family-owned business has been providing effective pest control solutions to New Jersey residents since 1931. That is over 80 years of experience in local pest pressures. Our focus has always been and always will be to provide quality pest control services in a timely manner and at a fair price. Customer service and customer satisfaction is at the top of our list for each and every customer we visit. When you partner with us for your pest control needs, you can be certain that you are receiving the most effective products using the latest protocols and technologies to ensure that your property becomes and stays pest-free while ensuring the safety of your family and your pets. Join the thousands of satisfied customers all across Montclair and throughout New Jersey who have experienced the ChemTec difference.

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