Known as “the hub of Morris County” for its location at the center of the county and for the many major transportation routes that run through it, the township of Denville, New Jersey, provides an important intersection for area industries to deliver their goods to market. Denville also offers comfortable neighborhoods for its residents and is home to 11 named bodies of water, some of which offer residents the opportunity to live and play lakeside. But all of these water sources alongside rich, wooded acreage offer the perfect setting for pests to live and thrive. Miceroaches, termites, and many other pests are frequent intruders in area homes and businesses; and with the abundance of water sources, mosquitoes have a virtual paradise for resting and breeding. The trusted experts here at ChemTec Pest Control understand that keeping these pests from damaging property and spreading disease can be challenging for property owners which is why we offer reliable year-round residential and commercial pest control plans to Denville residents. Our industry-leading pest control solutions can eliminate existing pest pressures and defend against future invasions, and we can help you put exclusion methods in place to discourage future issues. To learn more about the effective year-round pest control solutions offered by ChemTec Pest Control for your Denville home or business, contact us today.

Common Pests In Denville, NJ

Lawn Care Services In Denville, NJ

Did you know that proper lawn care is necessary for more reasons than for obtaining a lush, green, beautiful-looking yard? It’s true! Proper lawn care helps to deter pests in your home or business. You may be wondering what your lawn has to do with pests inside your home. Well, everything! Most pest pressures begin outside – on or in your yard! By keeping your lawn healthy, lush, and beautiful we not only protect it from disease and improve the appearance of your home making it the envy of the neighborhood, but we actually help to reduce colonies of invasive pests that may threaten the structural integrity of your home or the health of your family. This is why ChemTec Pest Control developed our All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program and our Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program that includes weed control and insect control. Both programs are eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly solutions that will keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy while deterring pests from invading. Our lawn care solutions include fertilization, weed control, insect control, shrub care, and much more. To see which of our turf programs is right for your Denville home, give us a call today.

Camel Cricket Prevention Tips For Denville Residents

While camel crickets, or cave crickets as they are sometimes called, pose no real danger to your health or to the health of your family and they seldom cause damage to your home, no one wants to live with creepy camel crickets. These humpbacked little insects prefer dark, damp areas and when they decide to invade your home, they can typically be found in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or basement. When camel crickets decide to invade your Denville home, don’t be alarmed. Let the professionals at ChemTec Pest Control help. Not only can we eliminate existing camel crickets inside your home, but we can also help you identify exactly how and why they are attracted to your home in the first place, helping you to avoid these troublesome pests in the future. You may also choose one of our year-round home pest control programs that can utilize natural and organic solutions to proactively keep camel crickets out of your home all year long. To learn more about the pest control solutions that ChemTec Pest Control offers to Denville residents, contact us today.

Avoiding Carpenter Ant Damage In Denville, NJ

Denville, New Jersey, is home to countless species of ants, but not all ant species are created equal. While most ants are merely a nuisance, the carpenter ant is one that you should take note of. Carpenter ants are more than just a nuisance pest. Although they will invade your home and contaminate food sources in your kitchen and pantry, the primary concern with carpenter ants is their ability to damage the wooden structure of your home and its wooden accessories like fences, sheds, and garages. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they invade like termites do, but they will tunnel through it to make galleries for nesting, increasing the tunnels each time they expand their nests.

Over time, these damages can become costly. There are a few things that you can do to help discourage carpenter ants from nesting on your property.

These prevention tips include:

  • Keep your foundation free from grass, plants, and branches by leaving a barrier between your foundation and vegetation.
  • Trim back branches that touch your foundation, siding, or roofline.
  • Pick up branches, leaves, and other debris in your yard.
  • Store firewood and other wooden materials on pallets rather than directly on the ground.
  • Store trash in containers with tight-fitting lids and remove from your property on a regular basis.
  • Repair or replace damaged or loose-fitting screens on doors and windows.
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Fill all cracks, gaps, and crevices in your foundation and around utility entrances.
  • Repair leaking pipes and faucets both outside and inside your home.
  • Use a dehumidifier in moist areas of your home or business.
  • Vacuum regularly and clean up crumbs and spills right away. Pay special attention to areas under and around large kitchen appliances.
  • Store food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator instead of on counters and table tops.
  • Set up a year-round pest protection service.

When carpenter ants decide to come a little too close for comfort on your Denville property, be sure to contact the pest control experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. You can choose a stand-alone service to deal specifically with carpenter ants, or you may decide that a year-round residential or commercial pest control plan is best for you. Either way, ChemTec has the reliable, affordable, effective solutions to help you keep carpenter ants from damaging your property. Give us a call today to discuss the details and to choose the plan that is right for you.

Residential Pest Control Solutions In Denville, NJ

Whether you live in a comfortable in-town neighborhood or you enjoy the lifestyle of a lakeside cottage, pests can threaten to damage the structure of your Denville home and spread illness to your loved ones; and even though our community is located in the Northeast where winters can be brutal, pests like mice, termites, and bed bugs can remain active all year long once they have found their way into the temperature-controlled environment inside our walls. This is why many homeowners here have turned to the trusted team of professionals at ChemTec Pest Control for their year-round pest protection plan. Whether you are dealing with termites, mosquitoes, ticksfleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any other pest, you can trust the services that ChemTec offers. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan offers residents reliable, affordable, and effective pest control solutions. Our highly trained experts utilize tried-and-true products and procedures and have access to the latest technologies and protocols to ensure that pests will be eliminated from your Denville home and that they will be unable to return. Don’t allow pests to threaten your Denville home when expert pest control with our PestGuard Home Protection Plan is just a call away.

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