Since 1931, ChemTec Pest Control has been providing pest control in Bloomfield and Essex County that targets common household pests as well difficult pests like bed bugs and termites. We’re also the company to go with for wildlife control solutions. Our professionals are ready to help you protect your home or business and will get rid of ants in the dishwasher, mice in the attic and other insects, rodents and wildlife. For effective, affordable pest solutions in Bloomfield, contact ChemTec Pest Control today!

Common Pests In Bloomfield, NJ

Is There A Mouse In Your House?

Sure, a mouse in your house may look all cute and friendly, but they are not a pest you want hanging around your Bloomfield home.  Despite their small size, mice and other rodents have the ability to cause major damage such as:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Contaminating food and insulation with their numerous mice droppings
  • Damage to internet and phone cables, sheetrock, storage containers and other personal belongings with their constant gnawing

Our Bloomfield exterminators are experts at identifying an infestation of mice and rats and once these nocturnal pests have been confirmed, our rodent control services will help you get rid of them and keep them out for good.

Little Black Ants In Restaurants And Other Commercial Facilities

Although most ants are considered nothing more than a nuisance, when little black ants, odorous house ants and other species of these tiny pests invade Bloomfield restaurants, bars and other commercial facilities, they can drive away good paying customer and damage your reputation and bottom line. To help business owners and managers get rid of ants and other common invaders in commercial facilities, our NJ pest control experts offer effective commercial pest control services, which include:

  • Monthly inspections and service visits
  • Consultations with our staff entomologist
  • Insect control services
  • Rodent control services
  • And much more!

If ants, roaches, mice or other pests are damaging the reputation you have worked so hard to achieve, let our Bloomfield exterminators help! For more information, please contact our NJ pest control company today!

A Full Service Pest Control Company Serving Bloomfield, New Jersey

No matter what’s bugging you, count on ChemTec Pest Control for a resolution. Over 5500 homeowners trust us to protect their homes and families, you can too!  In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer:

Our focus is on delivering quality pest control services that protect people and property.  When you choose ChemTec Pest Control for pest control in Bloomfield, you won’t be disappointed! Schedule your free inspection today!

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