Follow these tips to help get rid of fleas in your New Jersey home

Ever had a case of the fleas? These tiny, jumping insects are a major nuisance to many families with pets. Cats and dogs are more prone to bringing in a flea infestation but that does not mean that those without pets are safe. The summer and the fall months are the time of year that most New Jersey homeowners will see problems with fleas but with a mild winter, they could easily be a year round problem. So before they strike, here is some helpful information from the experts in NJ pest control including Bergen and Passaic counties.

Fleas can be identified by their flat, wingless bodies and long legs used to jump up to six inches high. They are only about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch in size but with the itchy bites they leave behind and their dark black to reddish coloring, you will be able to spot these pests once they have begun to infest your home. And aside from the extremely itchy bites that fleas leave behind, they can also spread diseases by feeding on your blood which makes them a serious pest threat once they have embedded themselves into your home.

As previously mentioned, fleas are most likely to take blood meals from cats, dogs and even outside animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and groundhogs. But as they begin to lay their eggs on your pet or even outside of the home, fleas can easily hop onto your clothing or shoes and become a problem for the whole family.

If you have already spotted a flea infestation in your home then it is important to contact the NJ pest control pros right away. Fleas are a hard problem to eradicate and should always be taken care of by a pest professional to be sure that all fleas including their eggs are gone for good. But if you have not yet had any run ins with fleas, here are some flea prevention tips to be sure that your home stays flea free this fall:

  • Vacuum your home regularly and pay extra attention to areas where pets lay as well as on and under furniture.
  • Wash everyone’s bedding, including the pet’s on a regular basis to kill off any eggs or live fleas that could have found their way inside.
  • Keep your pets up to date on flea treatments to help prevent any unwanted infestations.
  • Continue your year round GreenTec Home Pest Protection plan to protect yourself and your family from the threat of fleas and other insects and rodents in New Jersey.

ChemTec Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control solutions for homes throughout New Jersey including Franklin Lakes, Clifton, Bergen county and Passaic county. To protect your home and your family from the threat of fleas, please contact us today!