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25 July

NJ Pest Control Pros On Roach Prevention

Roaches In New Jersey HomesCockroaches are a common but potentially dangerous pest to have in your home. They multiply quickly which means that just a few roaches can quickly turn into a full blown infestation.Identify RoachesLong antennaeBrownish to reddish in colorFlat, oval shaped bodiesSpiny legsThe Threat Of RoachesThey carry pathogens on their bodies and in [...]

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23 April

Prevent Carpenter Bees In NJ This Spring

Carpenter bee prevention can tie into your spring home improvement projects. Carpenter bees are not your average bee. In fact, this species compared to other stinging insects like hornet, yellow jackets and wasps behaves very differently. Carpenter bees are actually a wood destroying pest due to their habits of building nests in burrows of wood. [...]

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25 March

Wood Destroying Pests In NJ Hard To Distinguish

Make sure your NJ home is protected from wood destroying pests this spring.Of all the pests out there, perhaps some of the worst are the ones who destroy the wood structures including homes in Bergen and Passaic counties. And with the spring season now underway, wood destroying pests will become more active soon. Pests like [...]

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