Adult cicadas have large, stout bodies with round, bulging eyes.

Have you seen or heard any cicadas around your New Jersey home recently? Well, we are here to inform you that they are back! Cicadas are a plant-sucking insect that actually spends most of their life living underground. As larvae, they feed on roots of trees and shrubs for up to 17 years before emerging from the ground as nymphs. It is important to note here that not all cicadas are on this exact 17 year schedule. They can all hatch together or some types will hatch between 12 and 17 years which means that we can get hatches every year but the volume of how many will hatch is unknown.


Once the cicadas come out of the ground, they will molt and become an adult with wings and a hard body. Next it is time to find a mate. Males create a song that attracts females, a very loud song that you will certainly hear, and then if mating is successful, the female will use her strong ovipositor (a lot like the stinger of a bee) to insert her eggs into a safe place like inside of a tree. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae drop to the ground and the 17 year cycle (or maybe less) begins again.


When it comes to cicadas near your home and property in Bergen or Passaic counties, there are few things you should know:


They do not bite or sting. It is generally the fact that so many emerge from the ground that makes them gross and perhaps feared.

Cicadas do not live long above ground. Even if there are hundreds that have emerged on your property, after they mate and lay eggs which is usually just a couple weeks, the adult cicadas are going to die, leaving just the eggs behind.

Once there is an emergence, you are not likely to see them again for 17 years! As mentioned before, cicadas in New Jersey do not all follow the same hatching schedule so the time frame is not always known.


If you are experiencing an emergence of cicadas now, give us a call at ChemTec Pest Control. We can help! Our NJ pest control team can reduce the population and make it more manageable. The cicada killers will be out soon too, which we can also treat for. Cicada killers capture and stun the cicadas and drag them into a ground burrow. They may look threatening but cicada killers are also harmless to people.


To learn more about cicada control in New Jersey as well as our other pest control services in Bergen County and Passaic County, please give us a call today!