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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "New Jersey insects"

12 August

Does New Jersey Really Need Another Species Of Bug?

Researchers have discovered a new bug; and, they are pretty excited about it. This new species of leafhopper, measuring a mere 3 millimeters in length, was found in the Pine Barrens along the New Jersey Turnpike. What has researchers so excited? Leafhoppers are most often found in the American prairies, rangelands and deserts, not heavily [...]

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06 September

Fall Invaders Trying to Sneak into New Jersey Homes

Like reptiles, insects are cold-blooded. Unable to generate their own heat, insects draw warmth from their surroundings. When temperatures drop in the fall, insects use different strategies to survive winter’s cold, NJ pest control experts explain. Like monarch butterflies, some insects migrate to warmer climates. Other insects, such as termites, build their nests deep underground [...]

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11 August

Stink Bugs Overrun Northern New Jersey

The warm, wet spring and hot summer months have created ideal conditions for the explosion of New Jersey insect populations. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, pill bugs, centipedes, bees, beetles, flies, wasps – everywhere you look insects are crawling, creeping or flying. NJ pest control experts are calling 2011 a record bug summer. The latest insect that [...]

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28 July

First Aid for Biting and Stinging Summer Pests

Mosquitoes, ticks, bees, wasps, spiders, flies – your backyard can feel like a battlefield when summer pests catch you in their crosshairs. While only a small percentage of people experience severe reactions to insect bites and bee stings, even mild reactions can be unpleasantly annoying. Common bite symptoms include brief pain, swelling at the bite [...]

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21 July

Climate Change Expected to Increase New Jersey Pest Risk

In May, climatologists warned Chicago officials that before the end of the century global warming is on track to turn Windy City summers into the sweltering sauna typical of August in the Deep South. Presenting the results of a long-term climate model commissioned by the city in 2006, scientists warned that before the end of [...]

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19 July

New Pests Migrating to New Jersey as Climate Changes

Climate change is already impacting life on Planet Earth. Climatologists warn of rising seas as polar ice caps melt and shrinking water supplies as glaciers disappear. Severe weather experts at The Weather Channel blame climate change for the record snowfalls, floods and droughts experienced this year. Meteorologists warn of more killer tornadoes and catastrophic hurricanes [...]

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16 July

How to Stop Mosquitoes from Ruining NJ Summer Fun

New Jersey is experiencing one of its worst mosquito infestations in decades. A wet spring, rainy summer and flooding have left puddles of stagnant water all over the state, providing ideal breeding grounds for NJ mosquitoes, warn NJ pest control professionals. Homes left vacant by the housing crisis add to the problem. On these unmaintained [...]

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