Things are starting to warm up here in New Jersey. If you haven’t signed up for lawn care yet, now is the time to do so. Spring is about to spring, and your lawn needs certain things to help it get lush and beautiful quickly. One of the most important ways our team of lawn specialists help lawns get a quick jump start is by early spring fertilization and calcium feeding.

We all know that lawns need fertilization, but knowing what kind of fertilizer is needed for each season can be a complicated process. It is also important to know what turf grass you have and what weeds are trying to compete with your turf grass. The goal is to give the “grass you want” all the nutrients it needs to win the race against unwanted vegetation. Sometimes that unwanted vegetation can even be other types of grass. Let the lawn care professionals at ChemTec analyze your lawn and make sure your lawn gets exactly what it need for a healthy start.

In spring, it is sometimes necessary to do calcium feeding to encourage the growth of helpful bacteria. Soil that is high in acid won’t provide a good ecosystem for your turf grass. But not all lawns need calcium. In fact, you can hurt your lawn by applying too much of a good thing. Our team will check the PH balance of your soil and distribute the appropriate calcium application to meet the exact needs of your lawn without giving it a harmful overdose.

What do you have planned for your lawn this year? How do you enjoy your lawn? Do you like to have backyard cookouts or to sing songs around the fire pit? Do you set up a volleyball net and have friends and family come for afternoon gatherings? Will this be the year that you watch your son or daughter get married right in your backyard? Whether you use your lawn for activities, or just like to look out your windows and enjoy the view, spring lawn care service can help you get your lawn up to speed faster.

For more information about spring fertilization and calcium feeding, or to schedule service, give us a call. We’ll help you choose the lawn care program that works best for you and get your lawn ready for all of that warm weather that is about to come our way.