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a large swarm of termites damaging a morris country new jersey home

05 March

Why Morris County Residents Turn to ChemTec for Termite Control

New Jersey is no stranger to the chill of winter, which is why many Morris County residents are ready for the warmer weather of spring to finally arrive. The bad news is that we are not the only ones who are delighted at the bright sunshine and…

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termite bait station

13 February

Keeping Your New Jersey Home Termite-Free This Spring

Although it would be nice if there was, there is no such thing as termite season. Termites are a year-round problem and, because of that, it’s important to be on the lookout for the signs of them no matter what season we find ourselves in.

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termites on gravel

08 November

Why It’s Never Too Late for Termite Infestations in New Jersey

Termites are usually the most visible to us during the warmer months of the year, especially in the spring when they begin swarming looking for new mates. Unfortunately, the most common termites in New Jersey are subterranean termites. They can…

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termites up close

31 August

Why Termite Season Isn’t Over in Morris County

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Just as you wouldn’t purchase a new phone then leave it out in the middle of your driveway exposed to the elements and passing vehicle tires, you also…

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termites damaging wood

20 July

Summer Termite Prevention for Essex County Residents

During the summer months in Livingston and throughout Essex County, termites are a serious threat for property owners because summer is the season when subterranean termites are most active. Let's take a look at the environmental factors that boost…

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termite infested wood

20 June

What To Do When Termites Knock At Your Door

Termites won’t give you any kind of warning before they infest your home; if they did, we could easily prevent them; but, sadly, this is not the case. In fact, termites are known to invade homes for long periods of times without being noticed…

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