New Jersey is no stranger to the chill of winter, which is why many Morris County residents are ready for the warmer weather of spring to finally arrive. Spring showers, new plants spreading their leaves once again, plenty of warm sunshine, and beautiful flower buds are just a few of the things that many of us are looking forward to with the coming of spring. The bad news is that we are not the only ones who are delighted at the bright sunshine and warmer weather. Termites become more of a problem in spring. This is when termites begin to break off from their original colonies and create swarms of flying reproductive members in order to find a location to breed and build their own colonies. When termite swarmers are filling the air outside, the best thing you can do on your own to keep your Morris County home protected is to know what signs to look for.


When looking for termite signs, it is important to understand that signs you see outside your home could be an indication of an existing infestation inside your home, which is why you should always contact professional pest control immediately if you notice any of these termite indications in or around your home.


Termite swarmers will shed their wings shortly after finding a location to start chewing and creating a new termite colony, so seeing discarded termite wings around baseboards, doorways, the exterior walls of your home, or on window sills may be an indicator of termite swarmers that have decided your Morris County home is the perfect place to settle down.


If you are noticing termite swarmers flying around outside of your home, or even in your neighbor’s yard, it means that there is an existing termite infestation nearby, which could be either on your property or already within the structure of your home.

Wood damage on any structures on your property, such as fencing, is also a strong indicator of termites nearby. If you notice any windows sticking when they didn’t use to, bowing floorboards, or other signs of termite damage, you can be almost certain that you have an existing termite issue.


The best way to ensure your Morris County home remains protected from the damage of termites is to contact professional pest control as soon as you notice any of the signs listed above. ChemTec Pest Control treats termite infestations by “thinking like a termite,” or fully understanding the behavior and habits of a termite colony. When one of our termite inspectors looks through your home for signs of termites, you can trust that they will always spot the hidden activities and evidence of termites that only a termite expert would be able to identify. Once an infestation has been identified, we will implement the Sentricon System, which is an eco-friendly system of termite bait stations that are put directly into the ground without the need for drilling or digging. Termidor is another trusted product we use to eliminate termite colonies from your home and property for good in a way that won’t damage the ecosystem or your health.


Termites can do an extensive amount of damage while going undetected for years, which is why right now is the best time to call ChemTec for immediate pest protection. Don’t wait for termites to destroy the structural integrity of your home, contact ChemTec today and keep termites away all year long.