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Blog Posts in the Category: "Carpenter Ants"

carpenter ant on ground

08 February

Should I Still Be Worried About Carpenter Ants?

You’ve probably noticed that you don’t see many bugs outside in the winter months. You don’t spend an afternoon on the ski slopes swatting at mosquitoes or being chased off by yellow jackets. Because of this, you probably…

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carpenter ant on a rock

21 September

Avoiding Carpenter Ant Damage for Union County Homes

Carpenter ant damage can be destructive and can go on for a long period of time before Union County homeowners become aware. As fall approaches, homeowners might think that the threat of carpenter ants diminishes, but that is not the case.

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carpenter ant

10 May

Are You Taking Carpenter Ants Seriously Enough?

You wouldn’t even think twice about getting professional pest control services if you discovered termites in your basement or rodents in your attic. This is because we know that these critters can be very damaging to our homes. Large or…

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carpenter ant up close in saddle brook home

19 March

Things You are Doing to Attract Carpenter Ants to Your Saddle Brook Home

Warmer temperatures are just around the corner. As the snow melts and buds start to appear on trees, sure signs of the arrival of spring, insects also start becoming active. Carpenter ants are one such insect that thrives in the warmer spring and…

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carpenter ant in new jersey home

15 August

Do Not Ignore Those Big Black Ants

The carpenter ant, at first glance, seems like just another ant, only larger. Many people do not think much of them when they see one or two in or around their homes. They tend to just step on them or ignore them altogether and move along on their…

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carpenter ant crawling in mulch

16 May

Common Carpenter Ant Problems

When we are spending time outside, few of us are particularly alarmed by the occasional ant that makes its way across our blanket or over the chair that we are lounging in. We have a tendency just to brush it away and not give it another thought…

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