Ants are one of the most misunderstood insects that can and do invade your home, and carpenter ants are even more mysterious. The danger of carpenter ants isn’t that they destroy homes before you have a chance to stop them. It is a lack of understanding that allows these pests to damage a home for years without being treated. Here are some of the warning signs you may have seen, but didn’t do anything about, simply because you didn’t know the extent of the danger.

Ants on your walkway.

Have you noticed a big black ant walking around on your deck or in the driveway? Most of us don’t bother to even take a second look at ants, but you should. If that black ant is a carpenter ant, it is telling you that you have a colony in or near your home. Is that a big deal? Not necessarily. It could be a scout from a distant colony. The danger is thinking that the number of ants you see will give you an idea of how much danger your home is in. This is not true. Only a small portion of ants from a colony will scout for food. If you never leave any food out, you may never know how bad your infestation is.

Ants in your house.

Have you seen big black ants walking around in your home? It doesn’t matter if you see a single black ant or a massive trail of ants, the infestation could be the same size. As mentioned above, only a small portion of ants will forage. The danger with ants being found inside your home is that there is a greater chance that you have a satellite colony in your walls, especially if you have a several scout ant sightings in a week.


This is the most insidious sign. It is amazing how many people don’t know that swarmers inside a home means there is a mature colony in the walls. This alone is disturbing because if you have swarmers in your home, those carpenter ants have been chewing on the wood of your home for several years. Even worse still, if you get two dozen swarmers that come and go and you figure the problem has passed… Don’t be deceived by the shortness of these swarming events. Those swarmers are male and female reproductives with only one purpose: To create another nest. That means, each year you deal with a few swarmers popping up, you have even more carpenter ants destroying your home.

If you see big black ants, call the professionals here at ChemTec. We will locate any nests around or inside your home. Don’t let these ants chew large galleries through your support beams. Stop them when you first see them. This pest may not be a problem at first, but it can quickly grow out of control. Let us stop them before the damage is unrepairable.