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Preventing Wildlife Problems In New Jersey

Prevent Wildlife Before They Become A Problem

The best way to fix a problem is to address it before it becomes a problem. No truer statements can be said about a wildlife problem. When animals invade, they can damage your property, leave excrement and urine in hard-to-reach places, spread fleas, ticks and lice to your pets, chew on vegetation, dig holes in conspicuous places, bring disease, spread harmful bacteria, make unwanted noises, bite, and more.

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When we get calls for wildlife, it is usually because an invading animal has done something that is hard to ignore, such as a skunk smell filling the entire house, a snake bite, a squirrel bumping around in the attic, or a raccoon spreading trash all over the yard - several times. But, a wildlife problem can sometimes be subtle. It may be connected to a lice infestation, flea infestation, or flu-like illness that is misdiagnosed. It could be random ticks found on a pet or a child. There are many secondary issues that can arise from a wildlife infestation. That is why it is vital to take measures to prevent wildlife problems before they happen. Here are some ideas.

Are animals coming for the food?

Controlling food sources is the best way to reduce animal activity in your yard. Some food sources are obvious. Others are not quite so obvious.

Are animals coming for a drink?

Many pest animals will establish their home near a water source. If you have water in your yard, it will be an attractant for wildlife.

Are animals finding a safe place to live?

If your yard provides objects for animals to hide inside or burrow under they will be happy to live near you.

When animals invade, call an animal control professional like ChemTec Pest Control. Our wildlife control specialists don't just safely and humanely remove invading animals, they apply advanced protocols to monitor for activity, address pest pressures, educate on habitat modifications, and install exclusions to keep animals out. For complete protection from wildlife problems, reach out to us for fast, responsive animal control services.

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