Located in Bergen County, Wyckoff, New Jersey offers residents a country setting close to the big city. A garden town in the Garden State, Wyckoff is made up tree-lined streets, lush lawns and a thriving business community. It’s a great place for New Jersey families to call home. Unfortunately, mosquitoes enjoy the many ponds and water sources, mice are attracted to the structures and the many food sources and termites love eating away at old trees and damaged wood in homes. In reality, there are many insects, rodents and wild animals that cause problems in Wyckoff but there’s one company to call for help – ChemTec Pest Control. For over 80 years, this NJ moving company has been providing pest control in Wyckoff and we are ready to protect you

Pest Problems Happening Right Now In Wyckoff, NJ

Wyckoff Mosquito Control

No one enjoys the buzzing sound of mosquitoes flying around looking for a blood meal. These biting, blood sucking insects have put a damper on more than one outdoor BBQ in Wyckoff. While it is impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property, there are a few things that can be done to limit a mosquito population. The most effective approach to controlling mosquitoes is to contact ChemTec Pest Control for mosquito control in Wyckoff. Whether you’re looking for a one-time treatment before a big outdoor event or multiple mosquito treatments during the warm weather months, we are ready to stop these pests from biting. Take back your yard when you call ChemTec Pest for help getting rid of mosquitoes.

Home Pest Control In Wyckoff NJ

When it comes to home pest control methods, ChemTec Pest Control uses natural pest control and organic pest control systems. It is no wonder ChemTec is New Jersey’s leader in Integrated Pest Management and green programs for residential customers.

ChemTec’s popular PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides homeowners with prompt service as the leading pest control provider in New Jersey. Your home will be protected during every season of the year with quarterly maintenance visits as well as additional visits if needed. You will enjoy living in a pest-free home and environmentally responsible services year round.

Commercial Pest Control In Wyckoff, NJ

Business owners and managers in Wyckoff turn to ChemTec Pest Control to protect people, property and their reputation. When you partner with our New Jersey pest control experts, you can expect outstanding service and comprehensive pest management solutions. Our team of commercial pest control technicians are state licensed and receive continual training on the most state of the art and efficient pest control techniques available. In addition, each facility we protect is visited by quality control supervisors to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality of service in the industry.

Why Choose ChemTec For Pest Control In Wyckoff, NJ

There are so many reasons to choose ChemTec Pest Control for pest control in Wyckoff. For starters, we’ve been in business since 1931. We know New Jersey, the pests pressures residents face and what works to control them. We only employ the best technicians and are committed to leading the pest control industry with state of the art procedures, products and equipment. If you have a pest problem in Wyckoff, our pest professionals are standing by to answer your calls and questions and provide same day response if needed.

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