West Orange, New Jersey is a suburban township beautifully located at the peak of the Watchung Mountains. To keep your West Orange home or business free of the many pests that also like to call the Watchung Mountain area home, the pest professionals at ChemTec Pest Control offer local, responsive, reliable pest control services. We provide the customized solutions needed to solve even the toughest pest problem. Whether you are trying to rid your home of antsspiders, bed bugs, termitesrodents, mosquitoes, or other pests we have an affordable, eco-friendly solution that is perfect for your unique situation! Contact ChemTec Pest Control today to learn more about which of our residential or commercial pest control programs is the right fit for your West Orange residential or commercial property.

Common Pest Problems In West Orange, NJ

Residential Pest Control In West Orange, NJ

ChemTec’s PestGuard Home Protection Plan is the perfect way to keep pests out of your West Orange home and away from your family. This plan provides year-round protection against common household insects and mice through quarterly service visits.

  • Our spring service visit focuses on emerging-pest prevention.
  • Our summer service visit focuses on pest management by managing and eliminating pest populations around your home.
  • Our fall service visit also focuses on pest management and the blocking of entry points to prevent pests from overwintering inside your home.
  • Our winter service visit focuses on interior pest control and rodent control.

At ChemTec, we protect West Orange homes from pests by focusing on providing prompt, customer-focused services. We have the ability to keep your home pest free through the entire year. In addition to a pest-free home, by choosing ChemTec for your pest control needs, you can expect careful inspections, the implementation of prevention measures, management reports, a money-back guarantee, and free emergency response. Contact us today to learn more.

Are Mosquitoes In West Orange, NJ  Dangerous?

Yes, mosquitoes in West Orange, and everywhere else, are considered to be dangerous because of the wide variety of diseases they can spread by feeding on the blood of people and animals. To protect your family from mosquitoes that can spread dangerous diseases, partner with ChemTec Pest Control and implement a mosquito control program. Our effective mosquito solutions work to greatly reduce mosquito activity on your property. Our mosquito control specialists will inspect your property to identify breeding sites as well as areas where mosquitoes like to rest. Based on what was found, a customized treatment plan is developed. For the most protection possible against mosquitoes, put into place one of our affordable and effective treatment packages, which give you the option of either three or five visits. Don’t let mosquitoes live and breed on your West Orange property any longer, take charge and reduce these dangerous pests today!

Commercial Pest Control In West Orange, NJ

ChemTec Pest Control understands that every West Orange business has its own unique needs and challenges. We will work with you to completely solve your business’s pest issues. We specialize in providing pest control services to commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes, from small local storefronts to large commercial warehouses. ChemTec provides our commercial customers with the most comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective pest management services available. At ChemTec Pest Control we take pride in offering open communication to each of our customers, ensuring that you always receive the quality services you deserve. Service reports, provided after each service visit, offer an open line of communication, ensuring that you are always aware of what is happening inside your business. To learn more about the benefits of choosing ChemTec Pest Control for your pest control needs, contact us today.

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In West Orange, NJ

Bed bugs are notoriously sneaky. They have the potential to hitchhike their way into any home after crawling onto a person or their personal belongings. These pests are very difficult to avoid, but by taking some precautions, you can help prevent your West Orange property from being invaded by bed bugs. Some of the best things you can do to avoid a large-scale bed bug infestation inside your West Orange property include:

  • Use a protective mattress and box spring cover to help eliminate bed bug hiding spots.
  • Check second-hand furniture for bed bugs before bringing it into your home.
  • Reduce hiding spots for bed bugs by reducing the clutter that they like to hide in or under.
  • Regularly vacuum your floors, mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture.
  • Wash and dry clothing, especially outerwear that is worn on a daily basis, on a high heat cycle.

If you ever discover bed bugs in your West Orange property, don’t panic, and don’t try to take care of the problem on your own. Contact the bed bug control professionals at ChemTec Pest Control. We use safe, specialized materials to ensure that all bed bugs are eliminated from your home and that a re-infestation does not occur. To learn more about our bed bug control options, give ChemTec Pest Control a call today.

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