Weehawken is an ideally located New Jersey township that is part of the New York metropolitan area. It is across from Midtown Manhattan on the Western Shore of the Hudson River. Its waterfront provides its residents with transportation options, along with commercial, recreational, and residential opportunities. To protect your Weehawken home or business from the many pests that call this waterfront borough home, partner with ChemTec Pest Control. Since 1931 we have been committed to providing exceptional, highly effective pest control services. This is over 80 years of experience protecting New Jersey families, employees, customers, and properties from pests and the potential harm that they can inflict.

Common Pests In Weehawken, NJ

Residential Pest Control in Weehawken, NJ

Pests are a year-round problem for Weehawken homeowners, so it only makes sense that the best way to combat pests that want to invade your home is to put into place a year-round pest control service. At ChemTec Pest Control we provide year-round protection for New Jersey homes through our PestGuard Home Protection Plan. Benefits to choosing PestGuard to provide year-round protection for your home include:

  • All the comprehensive pest control your home needs for one low price.
  • A money-back guarantee.
  • Environmentally responsible services.
  • Customer focused services.
  • Pest control services that change with the seasons.
  • Quarterly service visits, with in-between visits, if needed.
  • The ability to add on services to control for termites, carpenter ants, or bed bugs.

Contact us today to find out more about our PestGuard Home Protection Plan and to schedule a time for a no cost, no obligation inspection of your home.

Raccoon Prevention Tips for Weehawken, NJ Residents

Raccoons, those furry masked bandits, can wreak a lot of havoc on your property and in your home if they are ever given the chance. Raccoons can usually be found living outside, but if lured to your home, barn, or garden shed by the promise of easy access to food and shelter, they can become a huge problem for you and your family. The problems that raccoons can cause inside of your Weehawken home can escalate quickly, causing you a lot of stress and costing you a lot of money in damage repairs. To help prevent your home from becoming a haven for raccoons, the wildlife professionals at ChemTec suggest the following raccoon prevention tips:

  • Make sure that outdoor garbage cans have a tight-fitting lid and that all garbage is placed inside of them each day.
  • Pick-up any uneaten pet food each day before it becomes raccoon “chow”.
  • Place garden areas and compost piles away from the outside of your home and outbuildings.
  • Cut overgrown tree branches back from your structures; raccoons use the branches to gain easy access to roofs.
  • Fix any potential access points found in the exterior of your home. Check your buildings’ rooflines, chimneys, attic vents, and other areas for openings that raccoons could take advantage of. Remember they can use their people like “fingers” to open up a small space to make it large enough for them to enter and exit easily to and from.

If raccoons have become a problem on your property or in your home, contact ChemTec Pest Control. We can provide an effective raccoon control program that consists of trapping and environmental changes to humanely remove these pests from your home and to keep them from returning.

How to Keep Carpenter Ants from Damaging Your Weehawken, NJ Home

It is very important to keep carpenter ants from being attracted to and being able to enter into your Weehawken home. These ants often find their way into your home while foraging for food and then decide to stay to create a satellite nest(s) within your home’s structural wood. If not eliminated from your home the tunnels and nesting areas that they create can cause extensive damage to your home that could eventually affect its structural integrity. To keep carpenter ants from damaging your home it most important to reduce moisture levels in and around it; carpenter ants are attracted to moisture, preferring to nest in wood that has been previously damaged by water. Reducing areas of moisture around your property by ensuring that gutters are working properly, fixing leaky pipes and fixtures, replacing water damaged wood, placing dehumidifiers in basement areas, and making sure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated can all help to deter carpenter ants. To protect your property and home from carpenter ants, turn to the pest professionals at ChemTec Pest Control. Our technicians are highly trained and have the experience needed to completely remove a carpenter ant infestation. Please contact us today for more information about carpenter ants, more ways to deter them, or to schedule a free inspection.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Weehawken, NJ

Don’t allow bed bugs to live inside of your Weehawken property for a day longer than necessary. At the first sign of these pests living inside of your home, contact ChemTec Pest Control. Our highly effective bed bug control program will provide you with three treatments, utilizing specialized materials. Through effective materials and expertly implemented treatments, we can ensure that the infestation will be completely eliminated and that a re-infestation will not occur. In addition to treatment measures we can provide our customers with the option of a 6-month bed bug guarantee which goes into effect on the date of first treatment; the guarantee states that if bed bugs re-appear after the third treatment we’ll come back and perform a targeted treatment to get rid of the remaining infestation. We can also provide Protect-A-Bed bed bug bite-proof mattress covers and box spring covers. These special covers will lock any leftover bed bugs inside, protecting your home or business from re-infestation. We also have the ability to provide customers with year-round bed bug control and proactive bed bug prevention services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about protecting your home and family from parasitic bed bugs or to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Weehawken home!

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