Union is a lovely community, which is ideally located in Union County, New Jersey. In addition to being home to great people, its varied neighborhoods, and its many thriving local businesses, a fun fact about Union is that it is actually home to The Home Depot Superstore–Home Depot’s largest store in the world. Another great thing about living in Union is that its home and business owners can keep their properties free of pests with the help of the New Jersey pest control experts  at ChemTec Pest Control. ChemTec Pest Control has been in the pest control business for over 80 years and is dedicated to keeping residential and commercial properties free of pests throughout the entire year. Learn more today about our quality, affordable, eco-friendly pest control services and keep your home or business free of pests long into the future.

Common Pest Problems In Union, NJ

Residential Pest Control In Union, NJ

At ChemTec Pest Control, we provide residential pest control services, which will work to protect your home and family from common household-invading pests. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan offers year-round, seasonal protection from problematic pests in our region. For one affordable price, you receive quarterly maintenance visits that protect your home from pests, inside and out; and additional visits in-between, if needed. For more information about our environmentally responsible services, give us a call today. In addition to our PestGuard Home Protection Plan we offer many services/program to target specific pests and specific pest issues, programs such as natural and organic pest control options, lawn care services, mosquito and tick services, and rodent control services. Give us a call today to learn more about protecting your Union home and family from New Jersey pests!

How Effective Is Mosquito And Tick Control In Union, NJ?

Implementing a professional mosquito and tick control program for your Union property is very effective. While there is no way to completely eliminate these parasitic pests, professional control measures can greatly reduce their numbers. Professional tick and mosquito control allows homeowners to once again be able to enjoy their outdoor spaces to the fullest, without being attacked by blood-feeding parasites. At ChemTec Pest Control our mosquito and tick program starts with having one of our mosquito and tick control specialists inspect your property to identify any breeding sites (and any areas on your property where the mosquitoes and ticks are resting.) Then, based on what was found, a customized treatment plan is developed. For the most protection against mosquitoes and ticks, put into place one of our affordable and effective treatment packages, which includes the option of 3 or 5 visits! Call today to speak with one of our solutions specialists.

Commercial Pest Control In Union, NJ

ChemTec Pest Control is an experienced pest control company, which has the ability to provide effective pest control services in a wide variety of New Jersey businesses. Examples of industries we serve include healthcare, small business, hospitality, retail, warehouses, educational facilities, food processing facilities, and office buildings. By choosing ChemTec Pest Control for your Union company’s pest control needs you will receive outstanding commercial pest control services, completed by our technicians who are state certified, licensed, and continuously trained. ChemTec Pest Control understands that every business has its own unique needs and challenges. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your Union business becomes, and remains, free of pests and the dangers and damages they bring. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause In Union, NJ?

Termites can cause a lot of damage in Union, New Jersey! In fact, termites don’t cause damage only in Union, they cause damage all across the country. In fact, termites cost United States home and business owners over 5 billion dollars per year. Termites feed on cellulose. This is what makes up wood. So when termites find their way into your home they will attack its structural wood, creating tunnels through it that will weaken its structural integrity and, over time, can make for an unsafe environment. For even more bad news when it comes to termites; termite damage isn’t covered by most homeowners insurance policies. So, not only are termites damaging, they are costly as well! To combat termites and the damage they cause, put into place a termite control program from the experts at ChemTec Pest Control. At ChemTec Pest Control we highly recommend and use the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate and control termites from New Jersey properties. To learn more about installing the affordable and highly effective Sentricon® with Always Active™ onto your property to protect your home from damaging termites, give us a call today!

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