Towaco, New Jersey is an inviting community where residents can settle down and raise their families; but pests like miceroachesmosquitoestermites, and many others pose a risk to both homes and residents here. As a result, many of your friends and neighbors have turned to the trusted team of professionals at ChemTec Pest Control for comprehensive, year-round pest prevention services. Our year-round residential and commercial pest control plans are the effective, environmentally responsible ways to keep pests from damaging property and spreading illness in Towaco. To learn more about all that ChemTec has to offer in your battle against pests, contact us today.

Common Pests In Towaco, NJ

Residential Pest Control Available in Towaco, NJ

Keeping your Towaco home free from pests and the risks they pose is as simple as a phone call to ChemTec Pest Control. Our comprehensive PestGuard Home Protection Plan offers reliable, affordable, and effective pest control solutions to control pests in your Towaco home. Our highly trained experts utilize tried-and-true products and procedures and have access to the latest technologies and protocols to ensure that existing pests will be quickly eliminated and future foraging pests will be discouraged from entering. Don’t allow pests to threaten your Towaco home when expert pest control with our PestGuard Home Protection Plan is just a call away.

Tips to Avoid Carpenter Bees in Towaco, NJ

When dealing with an infestation of a solitary pest like the carpenter bee, you may be tempted to think that a single bee couldn’t cause any harm, and you may be correct. But, while these bees do create burrows where they place a single larva, they will place hundreds of burrows inside a single piece of wood; and typically several bees will infest the same piece of wood. Once the larvae develop into adulthood, these bees will not travel far from their breeding site and will begin their own nesting process in nearby wood. The holes and tunnels the carpenter bee creates will damage your home, but this is not the only problem. Woodpeckers happen to love feasting on carpenter bee larvae and will peck at the wood around the burrow to get to this tasty treat. Damage can become significant. It is important to understand the signs that carpenter bees are near, and the damages they leave are typically the most noticeable sign:

  • Look for holes in untreated wood around your home that are around a half an inch in diameter
  • Noticing markings around the holes in a semi-circular pattern resembling a fan
  • Finding wood shavings gathered on the ground near the holes
  • Hearing scratching sounds coming from inside the wood

If you see carpenter bees buzzing around your home or if you notice any of the signs that they are present, contact the experts here at ChemTec Pest Control for fast, effective stinging insect control services. Our experts have the skill and experience required to safely remove carpenter bees and help you to keep your family and your home safe.

Wildlife Control in Towaco, NJ

Woodland creatures can be fun to watch, but they are destructive when they invade your property. Squirrels, raccoons, and other woodland animals can cause extensive damage to your home as they tear into siding, insulation, pipes, and support beams to create their nests and whittle their teeth. They can spread illness to you and your family through their saliva and feces, contaminate food sources in your pantry, and spark a fire if they decide to teethe on live wires inside your walls. Bats in your attic are a risk to your health and can cause injury if you attempt to remove them, skunks can carry and transmit rabies, birds can contaminate the areas they infest and spread illness through their abundant droppings, and snakes – well, who wants to share their property with them? Controlling these pests once they set their mind on spending the winter inside your walls can be difficult, but one call to ChemTec Pest Control can end this stress. Our specialists can offer effective and humane services to help with these and many other creatures. To learn more, contact us today.

Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind in Towaco, NJ

Bed bugs are a growing issue across the nation, and they are an issue right here in Towaco. Knowing the subtle signs that bed bugs leave is an important first step to quickly eliminate an existing infestation or to avoid one altogether. Signs that bed bugs may be present include: small, red blood stains or small brown spots or flecks of feces on sheets, fabrics, and furniture; the shed casings left as these bugs develop; or discovering groups of bites on exposed skin that resemble mosquito bites but that are in a tight group or linear pattern. Of course, you could see the 1/4 inch adult bugs too. They are reddish brown and resemble an apple seed with legs. ChemTec Pest Control offers effective, industry-leading solution for bed bug infestation. Our specialists have developed a bed bug removal plan which includes an average of three treatments to ensure that all stages of bed bug are completely eliminated for active infestations; and we offer proactive, year-round prevention services to ensure that you won’t have to deal with bed bugs at all. To learn more about our fast, effective, discreet bed bug services for your Towaco home or business, contact us today.

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