Secaucus is a town located in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is within the boundaries of the New Jersey Meadowlands and offers plenty of outdoor space with a suburban atmosphere. It provides its residents with many housing options, community activities, and outdoor entertainment opportunities. Secaucus is also home to various stores and some commercial properties, making it a place where people can truly live, work, and thrive. The New Jersey pest control experts here at ChemTec Pest Control want to help keep your Secaucus homes and businesses free of dangerous and damaging pests by offering residents effective, affordable, and eco-sound pest control services. With our help, worrying about pests like antstermitesroachesbeetlesspiders, and rodents will be a thing of the past!

Common Pests In Secaucus, NJ

Commercial Pest Control Services in Secaucus, NJ

Since we opened our doors, ChemTec Pest Control has been dedicated to providing New Jersey business owners the services they need to keep their commercial facility free of pests. When you choose ChemTec, you are choosing a company that takes great pride in offering local, responsible, and trustworthy commercial pest control services. You will have the full commitment of our entire team, including our state certified and licensed technicians and Quality Control Supervisors.

We have experience in providing pest control services for a wide variety of industries and businesses. The comprehensive services we perform are going to be unique to your facility and will ensure that pests are eliminated and preventative measures are put in place. By working together, we can help to ensure the health and safety of your facility, your employees, and your customers!

Spider Control Services in Secaucus, NJ

Spiders are commonly found living outside, but often enter homes and other buildings while foraging for food sources or looking for a safe place to overwinter. Once spiders have entered your home, they tend to hide in the dark, hard to reach areas like closets, basements, attics, crawl spaces, and underneath furniture, making eliminating them a difficult task. While most spider species found living in New Jersey are harmless, there are a few whose venom is strong enough to cause health risks to people.

If spiders have invaded your Secaucus property, it is important to call the professionals here at ChemTec. Our professionals can come to your property, provide an inspection, correctly identify the species present, and provide effective treatment services. We can then follow-up with year-round pest control services to prevent future problems with spiders and to prevent problems with other common household insects and rodents.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Secaucus, NJ

Bed bugs can find their way into any Secaucus home; and once inside, they can only be eliminated through professional services due to their small size and their ability to hide in the small cracks and crevices throughout a home or other property. ChemTec Pest Control has years of experience dealing with bed bugs, and we have the services needed to completely eliminate an infestation.

To ensure the complete elimination of an infestation and to help prevent a re-infestation, our bed bug control program includes three treatments. ChemTec’s highly skilled, thorough, and experienced technicians will get rid of the bed bugs in your home using specialized materials that are effective at treating bed bugs. After treatment is completed, we highly recommend purchasing Protect-A-Bed bed bug bite-proof mattress and box spring covers to aid in preventing a re-infestation.

For added peace of mind, we have our 6 month bed bug guarantee (which begins on the date of first treatment) which states that if bed bugs re-appear after the third treatment, we come back and perform a targeted treatment to get rid of the remaining infestation. Contact us today to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Secaucus property!

Protect Your Secaucus Home from Rodents with ChemTec Pest Control

Mice, rats, and other rodents are considered year-round pests; and, therefore, require year-round pest control services to protect your home, your family, your business, and your customers from their damages. Listed below are some facts about rodents, along with how ChemTec can help to control them:

  • Rodents can enter homes and other buildings through very small spaces – mice only need a space ¼ of an inch in diameter.
  • They bring with them bacteria that can lead to fevers, diarrhea, and diseases.
  • The house mouse, one of the most common species of rodents that invades homes and other buildings, is a primary transmitter of salmonella and food poisoning.
  • Rodents destroy structural elements and personal property. They can chew through drywall, cement, wires, and other things in your home.
  • They contaminate food and leave trails of urine and droppings (each mouse can leave as many as 70 a day) throughout your home.
  • Rodents are excellent climbers, good swimmers, and can jump straight up 12-18 inches.

ChemTec can help to control and prevent problems with rodents in homes through our year-round PestGuard Home Protection Plan. We can provide commercial pest control services to eliminate and control mice inside businesses and other commercial facilities as well. Our professionals have the skill and experience needed to provide a thorough inspection of your property and provide the control and prevention measures needed to ensure that your property becomes and remains rodent free!

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