Rockaway is a New Jersey borough found in Morris County. Rockaway is home to three lakes, rivers, streams, state parks, and a thriving community of homes and businesses. Rockaway residents love the four seasons that the local climate provides. With each season the pest pressures change, making year-round pest control a must. Whether you are facing mosquitoes in the summer, stinging insects in the fall, or rodents in the winter, turn to the trusted professionals at ChemTec Pest Control to keep your Rockaway home or business safe from seasonal pests.

Common Pests In Rockaway, NJ

Residential Pest Control In Rockaway, NJ

Protect your family, home, and belongings from insects, rodents, and many other critters with the help of ChemTec Pest Control and our PestGuard Home Protection Plan. The PestGuard Home Protection Plan includes quarterly service visits to provide you with the year-round, season-specific protection needed to protect yourself and property against pests. It also includes inspection services, the implementation of control and preventative measures, detailed reports, free emergency response, and a money-back guarantee! Our spring, summer, and fall treatment visits focus on the exterior of your property and help to keep pests from gaining entrance into your Rockaway home. Our winter treatment is completed in the interior in order to help prevent your home from becoming a winter home to mice, rats, and other rodents. To learn more about our PestGuard Home Protection Plan or any of our other highly effective residential pest control services, get in touch with ChemTec Pest Control today!

Natural & Organic Pest Control In Rockaway, NJ

By choosing ChemTec Pest Control to take of your pest control needs you will have the peace of mind to know that we offer a wide variety of natural and organic pest control options, all of which are safe for the environment but are also highly effective against nuisance and dangerous pests. ChemTech Pest Control is a leader in New Jersey when it comes to green pest control programs and using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM helps to prevent and control pests using the least amount of insecticides as possible. Effective pest control through IPM is accomplished by implementing exclusion techniques to keep pests out, strengthening sanitation practices, and keeping in mind the life cycle and habits of pests.

Protect Your Rockaway, NJ Property From Termites

To protect your Rockaway home from highly destructive termites we begin with a thorough termite inspection, if during the inspection termite activity is found, we take quick action. Our experts will right away provide you with a price estimate and service agreement. At ChemTec we offer a variety of different options when it comes to protecting your property against highly damaging termites.

  • Sentricon® System with Always Active™ -this system can completely eliminate current problems with termites in or on your property and to prevent future problems from occurring. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is an eco-friendly, discreet, and non-invasive way to eliminate termite infestations. With this system, there is no need to dig a trench on your property and as an added bonus the system remains in place and is maintained by our experts to prevent future termite infestations.
  • Termidor Termiticide –  is an EPA approved product that is used to eliminate termites that have already invaded your structure. This product is so effective because it is undetectable by termites and kills termites both on contact and through the ingestion of the treated material or soil.
  • Termiscope System – this highly effective system that uses a combination of termite feeding stakes and routine inspections from our professionals to catch termites before they can do any damage. The Termiscope System is a great option for customers on a budget, who want to know that their property is safe from excessive termite damage and the costly repairs that they can cause.

Give us a call to learn more about any of our termite control options.

Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes IN Rockaway, NJ

Mosquitoes are very annoying and dangerous pests that can become a nuisance on any Rockaway property if precautions are not taken. Clogged gutters, tall grass, low lying areas, open containers, and dense vegetation can all collect standing water and attract mosquitoes to your property. To help limit the amount of disease spreading mosquitoes found living and breeding on your property we suggest the following tips:

  • Regularly clean out gutters in order to make sure that water can’t collect in them and that they are working properly to direct water away from the exterior of your home.
  • Keep your grass trimmed short and trim back overgrown vegetation. Remove dense areas of flowering vegetation.
  • To help reduce the amount of standing water found on your property get rid of as much standing water on your property as you can. Store wheelbarrows, baby pools, and other containers upside down, regularly change the water in pet bowls, and regularly dump water off of trash can lids and tarps.
  • Make sure exterior doors and windows seal tightly, install door sweeps, and make sure that all screens are intact to prevent mosquitoes from gaining access inside of your home.
  • Implement mosquito control services from ChemTec Pest Control, which include a thorough inspection of your property to locate breeding sites and resting spots, the development of an effective treatment plan specific for your property, and the option to treat for mosquitoes throughout their entire active season through 3 or 5 visit packages.

To learn more about limiting mosquito populations on your Rockaway, NJ property, give us a call today!

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