Rochelle Park is a city located within Bergen County, that like other cities and town all across New Jersey need to be protected against the many problems that pests can cause. The pest professionals found at ChemTec Pest Control have been helping the residents of New Jersey to keep their properties free from insects, rodents and wild animals since 1931. We provide all our customers with industry leading, eco-friendly pest control services to ensure that any and all pests invading your property are eliminated and prevented from returning. Trust the New Jersey pest control experts at ChemTec for all your pest control needs.

Common Pests in Rochelle Park, NJ

Home Pest Control In Rochelle Park, NJ

Home pest control services help to protect your home from the wide variety of pests living in Rochelle Park. These year-round home pest control services from ChemTec work to protect your home from the damages and dangers of pests that you are familiar with, along with pests you may not recognize as easily. We can get rid of the ants in your kitchen, eliminate the cave crickets living in your basement, the pantry pests in the kitchen, or boxelder bugs living behind your home’s walls, whatever the pest problem we have a solution!

The PestGuard Home Protection Plan from ChemTec provides Rochelle Park customers with year-round protection against pests through inspection services, quarterly maintenance visits, control and preventative services, detailed reports and free emergency response services.

Our quarterly service visits intentionally coincide with the seasons in order to help control the specific problems with pests that are common during that season.

  • The spring visit focuses on stopping newly active pests from entering into your home.
  • The summer visit controls and eliminates pests that are found living on your property to help prevent them from getting inside.
  • The fall visits includes our technicians sealing entry points around your home to stop pests from overwintering inside your home.
  • The winter service focuses on the inside of your house, a termite inspection is completed and we provide services to stop rodents from getting into your Rochelle Park home.

Rochelle Park, NJ Wildlife Removal

Some wild animals are big, some are small, some are very destructive and some, well, can be pretty stinky! Skunks are a common invader of homes in Rochelle Park and can be often found living underneath of porches and decks. What do you do if you discover this stinky pest has taken up residence under your home? Contact the wildlife removal experts at ChemTec of course!

Our animal control technicians have the experience and equipment needed to safely and humanely deal with skunks and other wild animals like raccoonsbats, and squirrels. First, our expert will inspect your property and provide correct identification. Then traps or bait are set, depending on the unique situation, and an exclusion plan is created to help prevent future problems with wild animals on your property. If you are currently having a problem with wildlife on your property or in your home, give ChemTec Pest Control a call today!

Rodent Control In Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Rodents can enter into homes any time during the year, but during the late fall and early winter they can become particularly problematic for Rochelle Park homeowners. Rodents can cause a lot of damage because of their constant chewing – they will gnaw through wires, pipes, insulation and damage furniture, flooring, clothing, books and more. They can also introduce bacteria and diseases into your home through their trails of rodent droppings and urine, and introduce other parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites into your home.

To prevent problems with rodents in your Rochelle Park home, the experts at ChemTec have developed and very effective rodent control program. Our experts will quickly eliminate rodents that have taken up residence in your home and prevent them from invading again by identifying and blocking rodent entry points, placing bait and/or traps in appropriate places, and removing trapped rodents and re-baiting traps.

Comprehensive Pest Control In Rochelle Park, NJ

Whatever pest is bugging you the professionals at ChemTec can help through our wide range of comprehensive pest control services. In addition to home pest control services, animal control services, and rodent control services we offer the following to provide a quick, effective solution to any pest problem in your Rochelle Park, NJ home or business:

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