Once a thriving summer resort area, the township of Randolph, New Jersey is now a desired residential community. Randolph is rich in history, culture, and beauty and offers residents ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Our tree-lined streets, inviting waterways, and rich land allows our residents to enjoy a very high quality of life. No wonder our motto is “Where life is worth living.” But pests like miceroachesmosquitoes, and many others also find Randolph a desirable place to live and breed making effective year-round pest control options a must for property owners here. Many of your friends and neighbors here in Randolph and throughout New Jersey have chosen to partner with the trusted team of experts at ChemTec Pest Control to keep pests from damaging their property and spreading illness to their families and customers. ChemTec offers reliable, affordable, year-round residential and commercial pest control plans, stand-alone pest control services, animal control, bed bug control, termite monitoring and control, and much, much more. To learn how we can help you protect your Randolph home or business from pests, simply give us a call today.

Common Pests In Randolph, NJ

Residential Pest Control in Randolph, NJ

Your Randolph home is worth protecting, and a threat that can sometimes be overlooked is pests. Mice, mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, termites, and many other pests threaten to destroy the tranquility of life here in Randolph by damaging property and spreading illness. The best way to keep your home and your family safe from the effects of pests when they invade is by implementing effective year-round pest control services from ChemTec Pest Control. Our comprehensive Pest Guard Home Protection Plan is one of the most comprehensive ways to protect your home from a myriad of common household pests. The specialists here at ChemTec have access to the latest tools and technologies, and they have the benefit of more than 85 years of experience in local pest pressures to ensure your fast, effective relief from pest infestations. Don’t allow pests to threaten your Randolph home and bring illness to your family when expert pest control with PestGuard is just a call away.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in Randolph, NJ

Avoiding bed bugs is not as simple as it may seem. These pests have infiltrated every corner of American life, and they have found a way into homes and businesses right here in New Jersey. To ensure that your Randolph home or business does not fall victim to these stressful pests it is important for you to remain vigilant every time you leave your home. Bed bugs are not just found in beds! They can inhabit any building or vehicle where people are frequently present. So, avoiding bed bugs will take more than turning down the sheets when you enter a hotel room. You should train yourself to look for the subtle signs that bed bugs leave whenever you are in a public place, whenever you ride on any type of public transportation, and even when you are visiting your friends down the street. Things to look for include: small, red blood stains on sheets, fabrics, and furniture; finding small brown spots or flecks in these same areas, noticing the shed casings left behind from developing insects, and discovering the 1/4 inch reddish brown adult bugs themselves! You may also find unexplained bites on you and your family that resemble mosquito bites but that are in a grouping or in a linear pattern. Discovering any of these signs is a reason to contact the bed bug experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. Our specialists offer Protect-A-Bed mattress and box spring covers; a bed bug control service which includes an average of three treatments; or proactive, year-round prevention services to ensure that you won’t have to deal with bed bugs at all. To learn more about our fast, effective, discreet bed bug services for your Randolph home or business, contact us today.

How to Tell If Your Home in Randolph, NJ Has Termites

When termites invade, it is not always immediately obvious. In fact, termites will remain deep inside your walls and silently eat away at the wooden structures within; and you could be none the wiser. Even when the main colony is located deep underground, termites utilize mud tubes to travel from that colony up the side of your foundation and into the recesses of your home; and these mud tubes often go unnoticed as well. So, how are you supposed to tell if your Randolph home has termites? There are some subtle signs that you should be looking out for. These include:

Discovering the reproductive members of the termite community – They will resemble ‘flying ants’ and typically gather around rotting stumps and other rotting, damp wood especially on warm days after it rains.

Finding mud tubes along the side of your foundation or across the ground near your foundation – These tubes are about a 1/2 inch wide and can be varying lengths. Sometimes they can appear like mud packed into cracks in your foundation.

Seeing shed wings on sills, decks, or other areas of your home – Once the reproductive termites find their mate, they will drop their wings and find a nice, cozy area nearby to begin their own colony.

Other signs can include – sagging floors, drooping porches, buckling walls, and stains on ceilings and walls that resemble water damage. You may also notice wood that appears blistered or that sounds hollow when tapped on.

If you discover signs of termites on your Randolph property or if you don’t want to deal with termites down the road, contact the termite control experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. We can monitor for termites to stop an infestation before it starts, and we can eliminate existing colonies that may have already begun their assault on your home. To learn about our effective solutions for termite monitoring and control, contact us today.

Organic Pest Control Services Available in Randolph, NJ

ChemTec Pest Control leads the pack when it comes to organic pest control service. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and green programs that use a pest’s life cycle, habits, and habitat as a tool to control them.  When added intervention is needed, we utilize botanical and low-impact materials that are safe for our environment. In fact, we use products that contain a patented blend of botanical oils from EcoSMART Technologies that effectively target pests while remaining environmentally responsible. To learn more about our effective organic pest control services for your Randolph property or to learn about all the ways that ChemTec Pest Control is committed to being green in the field and in the office, contact us today.

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