ChemTec Pest Control is a New Jersey business that is dedicated to protecting communities and people from the problems that pests can cause. To protect your Pequannock home or business from pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, and termites, ChemTec offers eco-friendly, modern, and effective pest control services. We are a local company with professionals who understand the pests in our communities and how to protect people and property from them. Our employees are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. To learn more about protecting your Pequannock home from local pests, give the New Jersey pest control experts at ChemTec Pest Control a call today.

Common Pest Problems In Pequannock, NJ

Residential Pest Control In Pequannock, NJ

To protect your Pequannock home from a wide variety of pests, partner with ChemTec Pest Control and implement our year-round PestGuard Home Protection Plan. This plan provides New Jersey homeowners year-round protection against common insects and mice through seasonal service visits. During the spring service visit, our professionals focus on emerging pest prevention. The summer service has our professionals focusing on pest management; managing and eliminating pest populations. During the fall, our professionals focus on pest management along with the blocking of entry points to prevent pests from overwintering inside your home. Our winter service visit focuses on interior pest and rodent control. To learn all the benefits of protecting your Pequannock home from pests with the help of our PestGuard Home Protection Plan, contact ChemTec Pest Control today.

Learn More About Natural & Organic Pest Control Options In Pequannock, NJ

Choosing a natural and organic pest control option to protect your home and family from the threat of pests is an effective, eco-friendly and affordable solution to the pest problems you may be facing. To control pests in a natural manner, we rely heavily on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which solves pest problems by focusing on pests biological needs, exclusion, increased sanitation, and education. IPM helps to minimize the use of chemicals and reduces risks to people, pets, and the environment. ChemTec Pest Control effectively controls insects through EcoSmart Technologies which uses a patented blend of botanical oils. The oil’s active ingredient targets and blocks a neurotransmitter receptor site which is only found in invertebrates like insects. This oil works to eliminate targeted insects while keeping people and other critters safe. We also provide natural rodent control through the eco-friendly use of exclusion methods, environmental changes, and humane trapping. To learn more about natural pest control options for your Pequannock home, give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pequannock, NJ

Let ChemTec Pest Control take care of your Pequannock commercial facility’s pest control needs through our responsible, effective, and reliable commercial pest control services. We are a local company with professionals who understand the needs of New Jersey business owners. Put into place a comprehensive and cost-effective commercial pest control program to help maintain your business’s reputation and to keep your customers coming back. We offer our full commitment to you and provide the most advanced, eco-friendly pest control services possible. Contact us today to begin protecting your Pequannock business!

 Bed Bug Prevention Guide For Pequannock, NJ Residents

To avoid introducing bed bugs into your home, it is important to be vigilant when spending time in public places, keeping personal belongings up off the floor. After returning home from a trip, wash and dry all clothing and vacuum out and wipe down all suitcases before storing them. Inside your home, it is essential to routinely wash and dry all bedding and outwear worn on a daily basis on a high-heat cycle, regularly vacuum floors, and regularly wash bedding. If possible, never purchase used mattresses, box springs, or furniture for use in your home, the discount price is not worth the risk of a bed bug infestation!


If bed bugs find their way into your home, contact ChemTec Pest Control right away. Our professionals will perform three effective treatments utilizing safe, specialized materials to ensure that all stages of bed bugs are eliminated and that a re-infestation doesn’t occur. Call us today to learn more about our bed bug control services or to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Pequannock, NJ home.

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