The borough of Paramus, New Jersey, gets its name from the Lenni Lenape Indian tribe. The Lenape word “peramsepuss” meaning “land of wild turkeys” or more accurately “fertile fields where turkeys are found” adequately reflected the rich, fertile land that they inhabited and we now call Paramus. However, the borough we all know and love today doesn’t even come close to reflecting the meaning of its name. With over five billion dollars in sales annually, today Paramus is known as the “retail center of the country” housing 4 major shopping malls, a vibrant downtown shopping district, and two major highways lined with malls, retail shops, and restaurants. But with all that, we haven’t forgotten our rich history or the turkeys that used to freely flock here; and neither have the pest populations. While the fields have vanished, the pest population has not. Micecockroachesantsstinging insectsbed bugs, wildlife, and more still call Paramus home, and the battle against unwanted pests continues with ChemTec Pest Control on the front lines. We have been offering residential and commercial pest control services to the residents of Paramus and the surrounding area since 1931. That is over 80 years of efficient and effective pest control success. Join the thousands that have already experienced the ChemTec difference in their homes and businesses by giving us a call or a click today.

Common Pests In Paramus, NJ

Paramus, NJ Home Pest Control Services

One of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of your home. It is important for you to protect that home by proper maintenance and upkeep, which includes reliable pest control services. Thousands of satisfied clients across New Jersey, and many of your friends and neighbors here in Paramus, have chosen to partner with the industry leading experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. Our technicians and on-staff entomologists receive regular training, education, and certification to keep them on the cutting edge of products and protocols. We do this to ensure that you are receiving the safest and most effective pest control services possible. One of the most effective ways to help your home become pest free and stay that way is with the PestGuard Home Protection plan. This plan was created with the changing New Jersey seasons and the pests that go with them in mind. With our PestGuard Home Protection plan, you can experience the year-round peace of mind that comes with year-round protection from an industry leading company. You can also expect comprehensive inspections, season appropriate treatment, management reports, and emergency response services with PestGuard, as well as our money back guarantee. Protect your investment and keep your family safe from the diseases that pests transmit by partnering with ChemTec Pest Control for your home pest protection needs.

Lawn Care Services In Paramus, New Jersey

Most of us who live in Paramus are extremely busy people. Between work, and kids, and schools, and sports, there isn’t a whole lot of time left over. Sometimes, there are things that just have to get cut; and frequently it’s the lawn! Sure, you want your lawn to be rich and lush and green, but that takes a lot of work, even more knowledge, and too much time that you don’t have. Well, here in Paramus you can ‘have your cake and eat it too’ when you call on the lawn experts at ChemTec Pest Control to care for your yard. Our GreenTec Lawn Care Services are perfect for those of you that desire the perfect lawn but don’t have the time to invest in it. When you choose the All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program or the Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program, your yard can be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, because we are an industry leading pest control company, we know pests when we see them, and we know exactly how to take care of them. It’s the perfect combination for the perfect lawn. For your residential lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, insect control, shrub care, and much more, turn to the experts that many of your Paramus friends and neighbors have trusted their lawn with. ChemTec Pest Control.

Wildlife Removal in Paramus, NJ

Even though Paramus, New Jersey, is known for shopping and is full of shopping malls, shops, restaurants, and many other commercial properties, it still has issues with woodland creatures encroaching upon it from time to time. When this happens, it can cause headaches for Paramus property owners. Wildlife in the urban setting can cause disease, damage, contamination, and injury; and they can be extremely dangerous when they are cornered or when they feel threatened which makes trying to remove them yourself a very dangerous task. Why risk being injured by wild animals or the possibility of needing treatment for a potential rabies infection when you can call the wildlife experts at ChemTec Pest Control. Our trained and trusted wildlife professionals have the education, equipment, and knowledge of wildlife habits and habitats necessary to safely engage and remove wild animals from your Paramus property. When woodland animals encroach on your Paramus property, play it safe and call the wildlife experts here at ChemTec Pest Control. Our animal control services include:

  • Rodent Control
  • Bat Control
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Raccoon Control
  • Groundhog Removal
  • Skunk Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • Bird Exclusion including Pigeon Control

3 Reasons to Choose ChemTec for Your Paramus Pest Control Needs

There are countless reasons why you should choose ChemTec Pest Control for your Paramus pest control needs, but we are going to narrow it down to the top 3 reasons we feel you should choose us to partner with for your pest control issues.

  1. Quality Pest Control That Fits Your Schedule. We offer industry leading pest control products and protocols to ensure that your pest issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently. In most instances, we can respond on the same or the very next day making your pest emergency our top priority. Plus, we stand behind our service with our money back satisfaction guarantee.
  2. We Care About The Environment. We offer green services and are experts in natural pest control and organic pest control products and protocols. Whenever possible, we use our toolbox of botanical and low impact materials which are effective on nearly every pest. ChemTec is also a leader in our area in the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM) a practice that uses a pest’s natural habits and habitats against them and focuses on exclusion options in and around your property.
  3. We Are QualityPro Certified. Our skilled and knowledgeable pest control professionals use the latest products and technologies to ensure the most effective treatment for you, and they are certified by the National Pest Management Association’s QualityPro program. QualityPro certification is a distinction that only around 3% of the more than 22,000 pest control companies in the country have attained. It is an honor for us and ensures that you are receiving the most innovative and effective pest solutions by experts that are careful, courteous, and responsive to our customers. Our focus has always been, and will always be, on you.

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