Nutley is a township located in Essex County, New Jersey; and is loved by all of the people who call it home. Nutley offers its residents a wide variety of community programs, parks, and family-friendly neighborhoods to choose from. While Nutley is full of great people, like other cities located in New Jersey, it is home to pests like antsspidersmice, termites, raccoons, and squirrels. The local pest control professionals at ChemTec are committed to helping Nutley residents keep their homes and properties free of dangerous and damaging pests through our quality, affordable, safe, and eco-sound pest control services. Find out today, why ChemTec should be your top choice for any and all of your Nutley pest control needs!

Common Pests In Nutley, NJ

Nutley, New Jersey Home Pest Control Services

At ChemTec we pride ourselves in providing our customers with very responsive and customer focused pest control services. We understand that there is no one solution to pest problems, and take the time to sit down with each of our customers and customize all of our pest control programs.

To protect your Nutley home from a wide range of insects, spiders and rodents we recommend our year-round PestGuard Home Protection plan. This plan provides our customers with inspection services, quarterly maintenance visits, control and preventative services, detailed reports, and free emergency response services.Through the PestGuard plan, our quarterly service visits overlap with the seasons in order to help more effectively eliminate pests that are specific to each season. Our spring, summer and fall visits focus on the outside of your home, while our winter visit focuses on the interior of your home.

Contact us today to get started protecting your home from pests that also, unfortunately, call New Jersey home!

Termite Control In Nutley, NJ

Termites generally aren’t noticed by a homeowner until they have done enough damage to alert to their presence. Common signs of a termite infestation include: finding mud tubes running along the exterior walls and foundation of a home, noticing paint that is blistered or splintering, sagging floors or doorways, and/or seeing winged termites swarming either inside of outside of a home.

If you notice any signs of termite activity you should immediately contact the termite control professionals at ChemTec Pest Control. Our highly trained inspectors will provide an inspection to determine the presence of termites. If termite activity is discovered during an inspection, our technician will immediately present you with a price estimate and service agreement. Regularly scheduled inspections are a great way to prevent invasive termite infestations from occurring in your Nutley home!

Termite control options from the experts at ChemTec include:

  • Sentricon® System with Always Active™– this system eliminates current termite infestations and prevents future termite infestations through the installation and maintenance of non-invasive bait stations around your property.
  • Termidor- is the number one termite control product used in the United States and offers customers flexible application options.
  • The Termiscope system- this system helps to prevent major termite infestation by alerting to the presence of termites so that treatment can begin immediately before the termites have a chance to cause major damages.

Contact us today, to schedule a termite inspection for your Nutley home.

Squirrel Control & Wildlife Removal In Nutley, NJ

Wild animals commonly cause problems for Nutley homeowners; they dig through gardens, lawns, and trash, invade homes, damage personal property, and introduce diseases to people and pets. Squirrels are one of the most common species of wild animals that get into Nutley homes and cause trouble. To get rid of squirrels from the attic or other wild animals like bats, raccoonsskunksgroundhogs, birds and more from your Nutley home or property, contact the animal control experts at ChemTec.

Our animal control services include one of our professionals providing an inspection of your home and property. They then place down baits and traps, and work with you to develop an exclusion plan to prevent future problems with wildlife in your home, and finally they provide our homeowners with helpful information about the many benefits of habitat modification. Habitat modification helps to deter future wild animals from wanting to choose your property to invade.

Contact us today to evict those squirrels from your attic before they become your permanent roommates!

ChemTec Is Ready To Help With All Your Nutley, NJ Pest Control Needs

ChemTec is dedicated to helping all of its New Jersey customers to keep their home pest free. We are just as passionate about keeping your Nutley home free of pests as you are. ChemTec has been in the business of pest control for over 80 years. For 80 years we have been offering industry leading pest control services throughout New Jersey, including in Nutley, that are performed by some of the most highly trained and dedicated experts in the industry!

Along with home pest control services, termite control services, and wildlife control services we offer the following quality services to our customers:

Give us a call today to get started putting into place customized pest control services from ChemTec Pest Control into your Nutley, New Jersey home!

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