In the midst of the beauty of Ramapo Mountains and abundance of outdoor activities and entertainment, the residents of Mahwah, New Jersey are exposed to pest problems. Many insects, rodents, and household pests find this Bergen County city very appealing. ChemTec Pest Control has been providing quality pest management services to the people of New Jersey for more than 80 years. 

This family-owned pest control company credits their longevity to focusing on responsive customer satisfaction while protecting you, your family, and your property. In the event that you find yourself in need of pest control or an exterminator near you in Mahwah, NJ, don’t hesitate to contact ChemTec Pest Control, the region’s most responsive pest control service provider.

Pest Problems Happening Right Now In Mahwah, NJ

Ant Control In Mahwah, NJ – Types Of Ants And How PestGuard Can Help

There is one pest that Mahwah, New Jersey, has no shortage of, and that is ants. Several types of ants are commonly found in Mahwah including:

  • black ants, 
  • pavement ants, 
  • carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants, 
  • field ants, 
  • odorous house ants
  • pharaoh ants 

Although most of these ants are looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance, there are those that will contaminate food and kitchen equipment. The carpenter ant is also known to damage and even compromise the strength of the wooden structure of the home.

Little black ants, Pharaoh ants, and odorous house ants are very tiny, no more than 1//16th of an inch in length. Their size allows rather easy access into the house through crevices and screens, around windows, and under doors. These ants can contaminate your food and kitchen equipment as they forage for food. Additionally, the odorous ant emits a rather foul odor when crushed.

ChemTec’s PestGuard Home Protection Plan covers most common household pests including ants. You will enjoy the regular visits with thorough inspections to identify the possibility of any current pest infestations. Additionally, a protective barrier will be applied around the exterior of the home to minimize future access. Quarterly maintenance visits and any necessary visits in between will assure you of your home being protected from these invasive ants.

Bed Bug Exterminators Mahwah, NJ

Bed bugs are not a threat to the structure of the home but are irritating, biting pests. While their presence is not a sign of filth or lack of cleanliness, no one likes the dreaded thought of sleeping with bed bugs. Bed bug treatment is very difficult and takes a lot of time and patience. The bed bug is very small and has the ability to hide in the tiniest of cracks. They can escape to areas beyond your reach or vision making it almost impossible for the DIY methods to be successful. The only truly successful approach to correcting an invasion is in the use of a bed bug exterminator. ChemTec Pest Control uses only the most experienced and tenacious technicians for this service. Our bed bug program will consist of three treatments to guarantee total eradication. These treatments are designed to remove adults, nymphs, and eggs. Bed bug eggs are about the size of a pinhead and resemble nothing more than a fleck of dust. Unless they are all eradicated, you will continue to be infested with bed bugs. For year-round control and proactive bed bug prevention, Mahwah residents are encouraged to contact ChemTec Pest Control.

Complete Termite Control In Mahwah, NJ

The first step, when dealing with the possibility of termites, is to make sure you really do have a termite problem. ChemTec Pest Control inspectors understand termites and their behavior to the extent that they learn to think like a termite. When you contact ChemTec, you will get a thorough inspection inside and out to determine the extent of infestation and damage.

Once a termite infestation has been determined, your ChemTec termite specialist will use an eco-friendly, termite baiting system called Sentricon®. Sentricon System® requires no trenching, digging, or drilling. The foraging termites will carry the bait back to the colony with the end result being the extermination of the entire colony, including the queen. Continued use of the Sentricon System® will also prevent any future infestations from occurring. ChemTec technicians also use Termidor termite protection as well; along with the Termiscope System for proactive termite monitoring to give the homeowner complete peace of mind from any future termite infestations.

ChemTec Gets Rid Of Mice in Mahwah, NJ

Mahwah homeowners and business owners will always need to be protected against infestation of rodents from common house mice to deer mice. These are the two most common mice that actually venture indoors in New Jersey. The concern of mice infestation is twofold.

They must chew or gnaw constantly to keep the incisors worn down to proper lengths. They cause damage to insulation, chew holes in baseboards, ceilings, and other household items. Mice will also chew through electrical wires, causing a risk of fires.

Mice are also responsible for transmitting diseases. They carry diseases with their waste and spread parasites like fleas, mites, and lice. It doesn’t take many mice to quickly contaminate many areas of the home, especially food products and kitchen equipment.

The best protection against mice is effective prevention. Remove all attractions of food and seal off all entry points. However, once mice have found a way into your home, the best approach to safely and humanely remove them is with ChemTec Pest Control’s rodent control specialists. Our highly skilled professionals will remove mice and their nests from your home and continue your protection from mice with year-round home pest control services. Mahwah homeowners should contact ChemTec Pest Control for peace of mind against rodent infestation.

Expertise, Commitment, and Trust with ChemTec Pest Control

ChemTec Pest Control has served the Mahwah, NJ area for over 80 years. Our team of expert technicians are standing by to help remove and prevent infestations from a wide range of pests. When looking for pest control or exterminators near you in Mahwah, NJ, contact ChemTec Pest Control today or schedule a free inspection to speak with one of our expert team members!

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