The close-knit community of Lyndhurst, New Jersey offers the perfect mix of residential neighborhoods, mom-and-pop businesses, and commercial complexes which has helped to usher in the consistent influx of new residents into our township. The small town feel is enhanced by the numerous eateries and small stores located throughout residential areas giving locals a place to meet and catch up on the day’s events. And near the top of the topic list is how to control pests like ticksmosquitoestermitesmice, and many others that pose a risk to the integrity of buildings and the health of the families in our township. Many have discovered that the industry-leading pest protection plans from ChemTec Pest Control are the affordable, environmentally responsible way to keep pests from infiltrating homes and businesses here in Lyndhurst. To learn more about our year-round residential and commercial pest protection plans or any of our other reliable pest control solutions, contact us today.

Common Pests In Lyndhurst, NJ

  • Residential Pest Control Services in Lyndhurst, NJ

    When pests invade your home, they are much more than just a nuisance. Pests like mice can damage wood, pipes, insulation, wires, and personal items, and when they gnaw on live electrical wires, they can even spark a fire. Termites eat away at the support beams inside walls and under floors, cockroaches carry and spread harmful pathogens throughout your kitchen and bathroom, mosquitoes and ticks spread dangerous diseases in your yard. There is no place safe from the threat of pests, it is all out war! The best offense is an all-out defense from the pest control experts at ChemTec Pest Control. ChemTec has been protecting homes here in Lyndhurst and throughout New Jersey from local pest pressures since 1931. Our specialists have the experience, training, and tools to quickly and effectively eliminate pests in your Lyndhurst home with services that are environmentally responsible and affordable. To learn more about our residential pest control service options for your home, contact us today.

    How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Lyndhurst, NJ

    Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner here in Lyndhurst, cockroaches pose a significant threat to your health, the health of your family, your employees, and your patrons. This is because cockroaches love to hang out in some pretty unsavory areas like sewers, drain pipes, and septic systems. Then they sneak into your home or business and snack on items in your kitchen, break room, and bathroom spreading pathogens wherever they walk. Reducing your risk of a cockroach infestation means reducing the conditions that are inviting them into your home or business. This can be accomplished with a few simple tasks including:

    • Keep food in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers
    • Make sure to keep butter dishes covered
    • Store pet food in sealed containers
    • Use dehumidifiers and/or fans to control moisture inside your home
    • Fix leaking faucets, pipes, and fixtures inside and outside your home
    • Sweep floors often, including areas underneath stoves and refrigerators
    • Wash dirty dishes immediately or leave them soaking in warm, soapy water
    • Clean up spills immediately, and vacuum cracks between counters and appliances
    • Store garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids and remove regularly from your property
    • Inspect doors and windows and repair or replace broken screens and fill gaps around them to ensure a tight fit
    • Implement a year-round residential or commercial pest protection plan from ChemTec Pest Control

    Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Lyndhurst, NJ Residents

    Preventing bed bugs in your Lyndhurst home or business begins with dispelling a few myths. The first myth is the archaic belief that bed bugs only inhabit beds. Bed bugs do inhabit beds, however, they also hang out in furniture, carpets, and among the books in the library. They can be in hospitals, at the laundry mat, and inside the mall. Bed bugs can infest personal vehicles, buses, trains, boats, and planes. Bed bugs can literally be found anywhere that people are located. The second myth that needs to be busted is the false belief that bed bugs will only infest properties that are unkempt and dirty. Again, not true, bed bugs do not care at all how clean or how dirty a building is. They simply want access to their favorite food source, human blood. But, there are some things that you can do to avoid these elusive oval-shaped apple seeds with legs. Start by learning to be observant. Make sure to check all public areas where you will sit or spend time. Look for the 1/4 inch bugs themselves. Check seams, along baseboards, and in nooks-and-crannies for shed skin casings. Inspect bedding, furniture, and other soft items for tiny blood droplets and brown feces specs. Be suspicious of any unexplained bites that resemble mosquito bites but that appear in groupings or in a linear pattern. If after all your due diligence you still find that bed bugs have invaded your Lyndhurst home or business, don’t panic, and don’t be embarrassed. It happens. Simply call the bed bug experts at ChemTec Pest Control instead. Our specialists can perform a one-time service which includes an average of three treatments to ensure that all stages of bed bug are completely eliminated for active infestations. We offer proactive, year-round prevention services to ensure that you won’t have to deal with bed bugs at all. To learn more about the effective, affordable, discreet services for bed bugs from ChemTec Pest Control give us a call today.

    Wildlife Control Services in Lyndhurst, NJ

    When wildlife encroaches on Lyndhurst homes and businesses, it spells trouble for everyone involved, even the creatures themselves. And when you try to relocate these creatures on your own, you stand the risk of being bitten or scratched which can transmit diseases like Rabies to you. When wildlife decides to move a little too close to your Lyndhurst home or business, make sure to give the animal control specialists at ChemTec Pest Control a call. Our experts are equipped with the proper safety gear, and they understand the habits and habitats of these creatures. They can use that knowledge to safely and humanely remove your wildlife pest. To learn more about our effective wildlife control services, contact us today.

    Some effective animal control services we offer include:

    • Rodent control
    • Bat control
    • Squirrel control
    • Raccoon control
    • Groundhog removal
    • Skunk removal
    • Snake removal
    • Bird exclusion

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